Casa Kaleth by Di Frenna Arquitectos

Opening in a trapezoid-shaped way, the house is framed by a vast vegetation

Project Specs


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▼住宅远景鸟瞰,distant bird-eye’s view of the house ©Oscar Hernández

▼住宅鸟瞰图,坐落在一个广阔的自然环境中,bird-eye’s view of the house that is framed by a vast vegetation ©Oscar Hernández

Facing nature and framed by a vast vegetation of primaveras, parotas and papelillos, a terrain with two clearly marked axes that open in a trapezoid-shaped way, is displayed. With 12 meters on the front and an opening for up to 50 meters in the back, the proposal should solve the complexity of the lot, which arises the concept that projected Casa Kaleth.

▼住宅俯视图,呈现出一种梯形的总体布局形式,top view of the house, presenting a trapezoid-shaped layout ©Oscar Hernández


The design exposes a discreet front facade. In it, the variety of proposed and perfectly combined textures start to show up. A concrete “L” is placed and opposed over a permeable wood and crystal entrance, followed by a solid stone volume.

▼住宅正立面,L形的混凝土外壳和木条隔墙限定出住宅的主入口,the front facade, a concrete “L” is placed and opposed over a permeable wood and crystal entrance ©Oscar Hernández

▼住宅正立面,设有水景,the front facade of the house with water features ©Oscar Hernández

▼住宅主入口,木条隔墙具有渗透性,the entrance of the house, the partition made of wood stripes is permeable ©Oscar Hernández

▼住宅主入口处的小花园,the small garden at the entrance ©Oscar Hernández

▼住宅主入口处的水景,the water feature at the entrance ©Oscar Hernández


The designed language in the back facade was directed to the contrary, where the answer was an invasion that collided with imposing and geometric bodies, which channel the user’s view to the landscape, creating a “telescope” effect in the phenomenology that is experienced when touring the house.

▼后立面全景,overview of the back facade ©Oscar Hernández


Reinterpreting the existing topography of the site, the project plays with levels and with an evident horizontality in its volumes, which generates a long perspective and allows the opening of most of the spaces, letting the wind and the views pass by to advocate what happens outside.

▼住宅后立面,建筑体量层次分明,强调了水平方向的线条感,the back facade, the project plays with levels and with an evident horizontality in its volumes ©Oscar Hernández


This way structural solutions, not only fulfilled the design’s function, but also made possible the exceptional cantilever which extrudes from the volumes on the back facade. Thereby, the assembly of steel columns and beams with concrete where key on the project’s configuration.

▼住宅后侧外观,设有一个悬臂结构,back facade of the house with a cantilever which extrudes from the volumes ©Oscar Hernández

住宅的材料皆来自于其周边的环境。同时,这些材料还与科利马火山(Colima Volcano)的石材结合,打造出一个位于基地最后侧的充满诗意的建筑造型。天然材料元素(如石材和parota木材等)不仅彼此组合,还与其他具有工业感的元素(如钢材和混凝土等)相结合,既创造出一种均质感,又达到了一种平衡和完美的序列,从而进一步丰富了住宅的美学意义。

The material selection, was determined to choose components that were extracted from the surroundings, and became a poetic gesture when incorporating stone from Colima Volcano, which ends the panoramic view of the house. Homogeneity achieved under the composition of natural elements such as stone or the parota wood, and their combination with others of industrial affinity, such as steel and concrete, provoked a balance and a perfect order that gave richness to the aesthetics of the house.

▼住宅后侧的花园设有泳池,the back view of the house with a pool ©Oscar Hernández

▼泳池,石材与木材相互结合,the pool, the stone and wood combine with each other ©Oscar Hernández

▼住宅的泳池和底层架空体量,the pool and the elevated volume ©Oscar Hernández

▼水池细节,pool details ©Oscar Hernández

▼材料细节,material details ©Oscar Hernández


The architectonic program is distributed in 3 floor plans: the lowest level shelters the bar and T.V room; completely social spaces that are favorably related to the house’s garden. One level above; the pool, terrace, living room and kitchen, share unique landscape views and a transformable atmosphere, that allows you to enjoy the intimacy or company of more guests. At last, a much private area is provided on the upper level, that wraps the bedrooms in a secluded environment, and that does not set aside the preeminence for enjoying the horizon.

▼起居室,享有独特的景观视野,the living room with unique landscape views ©Oscar Hernández

▼起居室楼梯细节,details of the stairs of the living room ©Oscar Hernández

▼住宅后立面夜景,night view of the back facade ©Oscar Hernández

▼住宅后立面局部及其花园夜景,night view of the partial back facade and the garden ©Oscar Hernández

▼下层平面图,lowest floor plan ©Di Frenna Arquitectos

▼中层平面图,middle floor plan ©Di Frenna Arquitectos

▼上层平面图,top floor plan ©Di Frenna Arquitectos

▼剖面图,section ©Di Frenna Arquitectos

Project Name: Casa Kaleth
Architecture Office: Di Frenna Arquitectos
Construction completion year: 2019
Constructed area: 963 m2
Location: colima, Colima – Mexico
Photography Credits: Oscar Hernández
Architects in Charge: Matia Di Frenna Müller
Design Team: Matia Di Frenna Müller, Mariana De la Mora
Engineering: Ing. Juan Guardado
Landscaping: Di Frenna Arquitectos
Collaborators: Matia Di Frenna Müller, Ing. Juan Guardado, Mariana de la Mora

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