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Like many design projects, the initial concept for Casa Hormiga was much different than it looks today. The original plan by the previous owners was for a more generic Quintana Roo feeling, which was drastically modified after the current property owners, Sofia and Jose, visited Morocco and swooned over the region’s aesthetic. They loved the high walls, ancient doors, handmade elements and the beautifully executed simplicity. This influenced their new vision for Casa Hormiga, as well as similar elements that are seen in Mérida and other Latin American cities such as Spanish colonial architecture, thick walls with stucco finish, wooden support beams, central courtyards, little or no decoration.

▼项目外观,external view of the project © Hotel Hormiga

▼庭院概览,general view of the courtyard © Hotel Hormiga

▼摩洛哥风格的高墙,Moroccan style high walls © Hotel Hormiga


The architects were able to understand Sofia and Jose’s vision and bring it to life. When the pandemic hit in 2020 and the world was put on pause, the team had an immense opportunity to let the project settle and then, when life came back to normal, they knew exactly where their focus needed to be. Extreme attention to the dense nature that surrounds the property and the town of Bacalar was, and still is, the main priority of Casa Hormiga’s design. Bacalar is a jungle and is representative of both the beauty and difficulties of life; Sofia, Jose and the team at TallerMid51 feel they were able to grab that essence and incorporate it into the overall design of Casa Hormiga.

▼从庭院望向建筑,view to the building from the courtyard © Hotel Hormiga

▼植物环绕建筑,plants surround the building © Hotel Hormiga

▼庭院泳池,swimming pool in the courtyard © Hotel Hormiga


Interior Design


The interior design of the property represents a higher concept: the beauty of imperfection. It takes inspiration from Morocco by incorporating handmade artisanal objects and aesthetics each that have their own personality. This concept also ties to the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy and is a key aspect of Casa Hormiga’s overall mission. They invite guests to be free and explore themselves as they truly are in a journey of self-acceptance. Following the same line, the team worked with several Mexican artisans with a sustainable fair trade approach: Oaxaca weaving, Guadalajara furniture, local clay pottery, local sustainable woods, traditional Mayan woodworkers and reclaimed wood worked with local antiquarians. You can also find antique furniture, doors and objects throughout the property. The presence of past quality rings true in many of these objects and their naturally aged aesthetic resonates with Casa Hormiga’s philosophy.

▼古董门,antique doors © Hotel Hormiga

▼半开放的公共空间,semi-open public space © Hotel Hormiga

▼餐厅,restaurant © Hotel Hormiga

▼手工艺家具,handicraft furniture © Hotel Hormiga

▼阳台,balcony © Hotel Hormiga


The same care was taken to the amenities throughout the property: vegan, fair trade and handmade by locals. From shampoo to the essential oils found at the “Casa Ritual” spa, every product went through a detailed selection process to guarantee pureness. Top natural quality is also found in all of the linen, mattresses, pillows and covers and there is a strong effort to avoid single use plastic and synthetic fabrics and/or materials.

▼客房,guest room © Hotel Hormiga

▼床品和家具皆采用纯天然材料 © Hotel Hormiga
the bedding and furniture are made of natural materials


The Projection


Casa Hormiga opened in August of 2020 and plans to expand, further developing unique offerings and design elements as Bacalar begins to attract more and more travelers.

▼器皿细部,details of utensils © Hotel Hormiga

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