SCANIA Industrial Complex by EOVASTUDIO

Perfect combination of large space and small space

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Rio Tinto河口右岸靠近Nicoba湿地的平原上延伸出韦尔瓦最大的工业区。瑞典卡车制造商决定将其新设施建在工业区的入口,位于城市化用地和空旷用地的交界处。该地块的主要特色是周围广阔的基础设施,为该项目建立完整的视觉展示提供了机会,使建筑成为宣传要素和功能容器。设计要求简单却相反,一方面,停放卡车的区域需要通透的、水平的和顶部照明的空间。另一方面,行政空间的展示区和商贸区需要自然采光。

On the right bank of the mouth of the Rio Tinto, on a plain adjacent to the Nicoba marshes, extends the largest industrial estate in the province of Huelva. At the gates of it, on a bordering plot between the urbanized and the emptiness, the Swedish truck manufacturer Scania decided to place its new facilities in the region. The main qualities of this location were the vast infrastructure that surrounds it, offering the opportunity of creating a complete visual exhibition, where architecture becomes an advertising element as well as a functional container. The requested program was simple, but with opposite demands. On the one hand, a large diaphanous, horizontal and zenithal illuminated space for the set-up of trucks. On the other, an exhibition and commercial area at several levels with natural light for administrative space.

▼项目外观,external view of the project © Roland Halbe


▼形体生成,volume generation © EOVASTUDIO

The requirement to create a building of imposing character in its surroundings led us to encompass the different parts of the program in a single volume, with a single material, trusting that this decision helps to fill the gaps that a relatively small program creates. In this way, the steep slope of the plot was used to help meet this interest, creating a large esplanade in front of the access area, delaying the position of the retaining wall and also superimposing the program vertically on the head of the building; all to increase the volume by increasing the height from 10 meters in the rear area to almost 20 meters in the main west corner. This set of volumetric needs is solved by a simple formal operation, an inclination or abatement of the facade planes until reaching almost 45º, in a gesture that begins continuously and symmetrically, and is modified according to the specific conditions of each orientation. This prolonges the threshold between inside and outside with no added elements, hence increasing the area of the building protected from the weather.

▼单一材质的独立体块,single volume with a single material © Roland Halbe

▼立面倾斜至45°,45° inclination of facade © Roland Halbe

▼卡车通道,access of trucks © Roland Halbe

▼室内外交接的区域不受天气影响 © Roland Halbe
threshold between inside and outside protected from the weather


To achieve this it was decided to use a structural system of beams and pillars bent and post-tensioned, a hybrid scheme that stiffens the structure until no more bracing elements are needed than the main porches of the building. A direct and precise construction system of dry joint metal coatings were also used, materials belonging to industrial rhetoric, but also to the motor world, seeking a natural dialogue with the true users of the building.

▼卡车区域应用混合结构体系,truck area with hybrid scheme © Roland Halbe

▼行政区域门厅,administrative hall © Roland Halbe

▼办公室,offices © Roland Halbe

▼楼梯,staircase © Roland Halbe

▼自然采光,natural light © Roland Halbe

▼夜景,night view © Roland Halbe

▼平面图,plan © EOVASTUDIO

▼行政区域平面图,plans of administrative area © EOVASTUDIO

▼立面图,elevations © EOVASTUDIO

▼剖面图,sections © EOVASTUDIO

General Information
Project Name: SCANIA Industrial Complex
Architecture Firm: EOVASTUDIO
Design Team: Juan José Baena, Marta Gómez, Joanna jedrus
Contact e-mail:
Firm Location: Seville, Spain
Completion Year: 2019
Gross Built Area: 3.200 m2 building + 7.500 m2 plot
Project location: Huelva, Spain
Media Provider
Photo credits: Roland Halbe
Photographer’s website:
Photographer’s e-mail:

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