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It is located diagonally across from Yokohama Museum of Art and just next to a park which brings laid back, relaxed atmosphere to the place.

▼项目外观,external view of the cafe ©Tomooki Kensaku

从外看去,Blue Bottle咖啡厅仿佛位于公园中央,在温馨的环境中为人们提供优质的咖啡饮品。

Looking from outside, we aimed if the blue bottle is located in the center of the park in combination with the warm and welcoming atmosphere offering their good coffee.

▼公园中的桌椅形成闲散的氛围,tables and chairs in the park creating a relaxed atmosphere ©Tomooki Kensaku

▼室外桌细部,details of the outdoor table ©Tomooki Kensaku

▼室内空间概览,overall view of the interior space ©Tomooki Kensaku

▼圆形吧台,circular bar ©Tomooki Kensaku

▼不同类型的座位,seatings in different types ©Tomooki Kensaku

▼展示区,display area ©Tomooki Kensaku

设计师将家具设置成展陈系统、灯具、柜台等等。桌椅由Keiji Ashizawa Design和哥本哈根设计事务所Norm Architects共同设计,Karimoku家具公司生产制造。这家公司在制造木制家具时将最新的机器人技术与传统工艺结合在一起,形成了一种独特的品质。他们的理念“高技术、高质感”实实在在地体现在了出厂的每件家具之中。明年,部分家具将作为Karimoku案例研究的一部分展出。

We developed furniture such as display system, lightings, counter and so on. Also, teaming up with Great Copenhagen based design studio Norm Architects, the tables and the chairs were developed. These pieces were made by Karimoku Furniture Inc. as both of us believe that they uphold a unique quality and approach to the manufacturing of wooden furniture – maintaining a focus on the craftsmanship combined with latest robotics, making sure that their philosophy of “high-tech, high- touch” is truly embedded in each furniture piece leaving the factory. Some of the pieces will be launched as a part of Karimoku Case Study early next year.

▼家具细部,details of the furniture ©Tomooki Kensaku

▼材料与光影,materials and shadows ©Tomooki Kensaku

▼其他细部,other details ©Tomooki Kensaku

▼夜景,night view ©Tomooki Kensaku

▼总平面图,site plan ©Keiji Ashizawa Design

▼平面图,plan ©Keiji Ashizawa Design

Interior design: Keiji Ashizawa Design @keijiashizawadesign
Tables and chairs design: Norm Architects @normarchitects
Furniture Manufacturer: Karimoku Furniture Inc. “karimoku case study collection” @karimokucasestudy
Photographer: Tomooki Kensaku @kentomoooo

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