CAN PICAFORT, Spain by TEd’A arquitectes

Warm apartment at seaside

Project Specs


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The intervention consists of the interior reform of an existing building, to transform it into some small tourist apartments.

▼建筑外观(邻海侧),exterior view (near the sea)

▼建筑外观(邻后街侧),exterior view (near the back street)

▼建筑一层入口 & 台阶细部,entrance on 1F & steps


▼室内概览,interior view

▼地面铺装细部,Ground paving details





In a passing plot, placed in front of the sea, we find a two-volume construction: one of ground floor plus one, which looks towards the sea and that is accompanied by a ground floor porch; and another one of ground floor plus two, which looks at the back street. In an initial state, both the accesses and stairs, as well as the distributions were appearing chaotically untidy.

▼前栋建筑后门,Back door of the front building

▼前后栋建筑之间的走廊,corridor between two buildings


▼压碎的colombrins粘土铺地,the residue of crushed “colombrins” can be used as clay gravel


All the effort of the project centers on opening the space in a longitudinal way, so that is possible to visually connect the sea and the back street. The strategy consists in arranging and condensing all the services against the party walls. Stairs, closets, kitchens and bathrooms line up and accumulate against these walls.



▼楼梯与卫生间,staircase & restroom

▼地面铺装细部,Ground paving details


▼二层室内概览,2F interior view

▼二层阳台,入口上方安装了藤架,2F balcony,Pergola mounted above the entrance

▼藤架细部,Pergola details


▼墙面细部,wall details


The clay as a humble and usual material. A range of different pieces gives a precise response to the different constructive needs. The “Termoarcilla”, placed on edge, shows its condition: it’s not a bearing wall, nor an acoustic one. The tile covers, sometimes the pavement, with a very wide joint, sometimes the walls, with a narrower joint. The glazed tile sometimes also protects the water surfaces. In some points the tile protects of the oxide coming from the iron rails. The residue of crushed “colombrins” can be used as clay gravel.

▼前栋建筑屋顶平台,roof platform

▼护栏细部,Guardrail details



▼从前栋建筑屋顶平台进入后栋建筑三层,From the roof platform of the front building to the third floor of the rear building

▼三层室内概览,3F interior view

▼从建筑三层回望屋顶平台,looking back to the roof platform

▼总平面图,site plan

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

▼二层平面图,first floor plan

▼三层平面图,second floor plan


Architects: TEd’A arquitectes (Irene Pérez and Jaume Mayol)
Collaborators: Toni Ramis and Tomeu Mateu
Technical architect: Guillem Mas
Promoter: Es Roure Sec
Area: 398,50 m2
Location: C. Felicià Fuster, 37. Can Picafort. Sta Margalida. Mallorca
Design: 2013 – 2014
Construction: 2015 – 2017
Photographs: Luis Díaz Díaz and TEd’A arquitectes

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