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▼空间概览,overview © Josefotoinmo

The exhibition is a creative dialogue between two greatest art masters of XXth century, Alexander Calder and Pablo Ruiz Picasso, when studying the void. But… how making an exhibition design about that? How to value art works of such importance so that they express what the artist who created them really intended to express?

The starting point for solving the delicate commission was to quickly understand that the artists were Calder and Picasso, not the architects who designed the exhibition. The proposed idea tries to create architectures that want to go unnoticed, to be a mere support to generate dialogues between pieces. The works of art that make up the exhibition are so good that the architectures organize them “only” have to know how to enhance what they express, put them in value. Being architects from silence and the background.

▼花园展厅,garden gallery © Josefotoinmo


The intention was always to group all the works of art in “rooms” or “exhibition sets” that spoke of the same thing. The exhibition, although its main theme is essentially “the void”, is structured in several different moments and approaches that the artists had on the subject. The small and discreet architectures that organize the space, try to be the support of these groups so that the viewer, almost without realizing it, can better understand the specific artistic dialogues that the curators of the exhibition wanted to emphasize in each block.

▼毕加索画作与大型考尔德雕塑,Picasso paintings and large Calder sculptures © Josefotoinmo



▼天花板、地面平台和墙壁都成为了作品的展示背景板,the ceiling, the floor platform and the walls serve as the background for the display of the work © Josefotoinmo

▼毕加索作品,works by Picasso © Josefotoinmo

▼光影交织的空间,a space of light and shadow © Josefotoinmo

Given the lightness of many of the works on display, one of the challenges was to give presence to objects that are almost invisible. In the exhibition there are several works that have been built with wires, which float from the ceiling without taking up almost space (this is what managing works that explore the void has to do). That is why in the exhibition design you can see discrete but resounding architectural elements such as a platform on the floor, or floor-wall, which underline these delicate works while fulfilling several functions at the same time:

Define an own space for the art work, ranking it, positioning it in the museum room; Enhance the perceptual size of the art work by making the observer psychologically understand the work + the platform as a whole; Intentionally grouping works; Keep the public at a safe distance, to avoid temptations; And a very interesting one, playing with the shadows.

▼作品与观众保持着一定的安全距离,the works are kept at a safe distance from the audience © Josefotoinmo


The void – filled that forms a sculpture on its exhibition platform, the space created around the pieces thanks to the simple architectures that emphasize them, magically also become part of the work of art.

▼空间中的体块,volumes in the space © Josefotoinmo

▼作品细节,details © Josefotoinmo

Status: Built.
Project Year: 2018-2019. (Exhibition: 24-09-2019 to 02-02-2020). Location: Málaga, Spain.
Area: 905 m2.
Team: Joaquin Millan Villamuelas, Martina Almela Sena, Ting-Yi Lin.
Lighting: ERCO.
Client: Malaga Picasso Museum.
Builder: Malaga Picasso Museum.
Photography: Josefotoinmo.

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