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The Slit Cafe is located in a quiet, quiet alley a little away in front of Hongdae, a bustling street in Seoul. It is a space that requires versatility as it is located in a niche in the neighborhood of the busy street and has a launching plan as a fashion brand at the same time. The focus was on conceptualizing the gaps between existence and absence and understanding the totality of slits, even if part of this space is experienced in the small space that each structure creates.

▼外观,静谧小巷中的咖啡馆,exterior view, cafe in a quiet alley © Inwoo Yeo


So even if we all look from different locations, the flow of the diagonal structure continues the same, whether inside, outside, or anywhere. Through this process, we planned to customers feel the same flow, identity and the atmosphere created by the slit.

▼外观,别致的斜角入口,exterior view, unique entrance in diagonal structure © Inwoo Yeo

▼细部,入口楼梯与灯光设计,details, stairs and lighting design of the entrance © Inwoo Yeo


Not just creating a gap in the Facade plan, but a three-dimensional slit occurs in the form of a huge mass penetrating. By doing so, we wanted to control light properly and naturally control light over time and create an appropriate atmosphere without the need to artificially control light. The slit of a triangle is an identity, as well as a trace of an existing entrance. The facade that harms the existing building landscape was removed and changed the material as the one of the entire building, but only with different colors was used to finish.

▼立面的裂缝引入变化的自然光,slit on the facade introducing changing natural light © Inwoo Yeo

▼细部,立面上的裂缝,details, silt on the facade © Inwoo Yeo


And it was important to create the environment itself, especially considering the connectivity with the surroundings. You can relax by yourself, and have your own space where you can make noise, and at the same time all these separate places are open and connected to each other through the same flow.

▼大厅开敞透明,open and transparent spaces of the hall © Inwoo Yeo

▼吧台空间也呈斜角,another diagonal structure, the form of the bar © Inwoo Yeo

▼透过落地窗看室外街景,the floor-to-ceiling window bringing in the outside view © Inwoo Yeo

▼细部,咖啡店的钢板座椅,details, thick steel seats in the hall © Inwoo Yeo


We used thick steel plates on the parts of the human skin and furniture, intended to be able to experience the architectural scale. This is not a large space, but this is why many people feel the scale.

▼走廊通向时尚展示空间,the corridor leading to the showroom © Inwoo Yeo

diagonal structure pointing to the showroom © Inwoo Yeo

▼展示空间内部,interior of the showroom © Inwoo Yeo

▼展示空间通过推拉门与室外相连,showroom connecting to the outdoors through sliding doors © Inwoo Yeo

▼细部,展示空间的钢板座椅,details, thick steel seats in the showroom © Inwoo Yeo

▼平面图,plan © ARTEFACT

Project Name : Cafe Slit
Design Firm : ARTEFACT
Website :
Contact :
Instagram : @artefact_seoul
Location : Seoul, South Korea
Area : 73m2
Architect In Chief : Yekyung Kang
Project Management : Hyung-Jin Kim
Photography : Inwoo Yeo (

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