Cadillac House, China by Gensler

The jewel-shaped building expresses a contemporary design with Chinese elements

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上海 – 凯迪拉克品牌空间(中国)荣获2019美国建筑学会(AIA)上海分会室内卓越设计奖。奖项是在2019年12月15日AIA晚会上公布。

Cadillac House in Shanghai received the prestigious AIA (The American Institute of Architects) Shanghai Design Excellence Awards 2019 in the category of Interior Architecture. The merit award was announced at the AIA annual meeting held in Shanghai on 15th Dec 2019.

▼凯迪拉克品牌空间外观远景,distant exterior view of Cadillac House ©Gensler

▼凯迪拉克品牌空间外观近景,close exterior view of Cadillac House ©Gensler


▼凯迪拉克品牌空间俯视图,top view of the Cadillac House ©Gensler

▼天窗确保室内采光,the skylight provides the natural light ©Gensler

Designed by Gensler, the Cadillac House is a three-level story jewel-shaped building situation in Pudong, Shanghai. With 6,444 square meters of space, Cadillac House expresses a contemporary design with Chinese elements.  Visitors can experience the luxury brand’s lineup, century-long heritage and futuristic technologies.

▼凯迪拉克品牌空间外观,是一座宝石形状的建筑,exterior view of Cadillac House in a jewel-shaped form ©Gensler

▼凯迪拉克品牌空间外观局部,大面积的落地窗与实体立面相结合,partial exterior view of Cadillac House, large windows complement the solid facade ©Gensler

▼凯迪拉克品牌空间外观局部,partial exterior view of the Cadillac House ©Gensler


Incorporating elements of sensory interaction, discovery and immersion, the interior design features a 3D badge timeline wall, digital storytelling columns and souvenir 3D customization. Cadillac House amplifies the legendary brand’s narrative and at the same time, inspires the company to modernize its design vocabulary across their international dealership locations and embrace the next generation of brand enthusiasts.

▼凯迪拉克品牌空间室内,大型的螺旋楼梯连接各层空间,interior view of the Cadillac House, the spiral stairs connect different levels ©Gensler

▼凯迪拉克品牌空间室内,interior view of the Cadillac House ©Gensler

▼螺旋楼梯和天窗,the spiral stairs and skylight ©Gensler

▼首层空间局部,partial view of the ground floor ©Gensler

▼螺旋楼梯俯视图,top view of the spiral stairs ©Gensler


Richard Chang, Greater China Retail Practice Area Leader at Gensler said, ”We are proud to be working with Cadillac on designing such an important project. And the AIA award is a great recognition for all the hard work to bring the project into completion.”

▼沉浸式的互动体验,the interior space with the elements of sensory interaction, discovery and immersion ©Gensler

▼室内空间,interior view ©Gensler

▼室内走道空间,interior corridor view ©Gensler

Gensler大中华区联席执行总裁李晓梅和Peter Weingarten说:“该凯迪拉克项目结合了公司全球网络的跨专业知识,从零售设计、数字体验设计到室内设计以及建筑学科的交叉实践协作,并利用设计的力量来创造更美好的世界,充分彰显了Gensler One-Firm-Firm(全球一体化平台)的公司文化。”

Xiaomei Lee and Peter Weingarten, Co-Regional Managing Principals at Gensler Greater China, said that “The Cadillac House project exemplifies Gensler’s One-Firm-Firm culture through combining the expertise of a global network and cross-practice collaboration from retail design, digital experience design to interior design and architecture disciplines, to leverage the power of design to create a better world.”

▼室内空间,interior view ©Gensler

AIA的奖项是今年内第三个奖项了,包括美国Interior Design杂志年度最佳入围奖展示厅设计级别,以及美国Fast Company杂志2019年创新设计奖零售空间设计级别。

The AIA award is the third award received this year by the project, including Interior Design magazine’s Best of the Year honoree award showroom category and Fast Company magazine’s 2019 Innovation by Design Awards finalist in Retail Environments.

▼凯迪拉克品牌空间夜景,night view of the Cadillac House ©Gensler

▼凯迪拉克品牌空间局部,partial view of the Cadillac House ©Gensler

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