C15 Apartment by Carlos Segarra Arquitectos​​

A minimal intervention

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非常感谢 Carlos Segarra Arquitectos​​ 予gooood分享以下内容。Appreciations towards Carlos Segarra Arquitectos for providing the following description:


Within an apartment of a new dwelling building, we are involved to change aesthetics and space with minimal intervention and a single premise, the amplitude.

▼客厅,living room


After studying the original distribution, we decided that removing one wall and improving the connection with the kitchen was enough to satisfy the needs of our clients.

▼就餐区域,dining room

▼纯白的窗帘将带有黑色元素的家具凸显出来, the chosen furniture combined with black touches are highlighted by the pure white paraments

▼书桌,reading table



Meanwhile we should change the feelings the apartment transmitted. That is why we decided to unify in white all the paraments, so we could highlight the sobriety of the chosen furniture, noble materials combined with black touches we used to balance the space, always trying put in the foreground the amplitud and the space clarity.


▼黑白光影,a contrast between black and white


▼室内细部,interior views



Photo credit: David Zarzoso

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