Burrito Loco, Prague by Formafatal

The symbol of Mexican style.

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Burrito Loco是一家墨西哥风情连锁快餐厅,它在布拉格有着悠久的历史。餐厅的所有者希望设计师为这一连锁餐厅设计内部装饰风格。将典型的墨西哥风情融入餐厅氛围,并为餐厅未来的连锁店铺创造统一的风格符号。

Burrito Loco is a fast food network focused on Mexican cuisine, which has a long tradition in Prague. The investor has requested studio Formafatal to design interior for this fast food chain, which would be characteristic for all new establishments. The assignment was to transfer the theme of Mexican cuisine to the design of the interior and to apply these elements to a variety of spaces that investors will gradually rent.

▼餐厅内部的墨西哥风情,the Mexican style


Mexico is full of colors. A distinctive feature is variety and glamour. We have kept the same materials and elements in the design of the individual branches but we have chosen different color combinations for each of them. The color palette of the cladding of the corrugated sheet metal, the paintings, the ceramic tiles and also on the chairs is changing. We have intentionally replaced the characteristic Mexican tiles by monochrome tiles and we have brought the touch of Mexico through some symbols typical for Mexico.

▼不同连锁餐厅选用相同的元素不同的色调,keeping the same materials and elements in the design of the individual branches but using different color combinations for each of them

空间最鲜明的设计元素当属仙人掌,它画作各种符号贯穿于室内空间的各个角落。宽檐帽和花环也是空间的常用设计元素。例如,吊灯用典型的墨西哥宽檐帽做灯罩。花环是墨西哥各种节庆聚会必不可少的装饰元素,因此,这一元素也被运用于餐厅金属装饰架上,甚至于灯泡上,或者将其象征性元素运用于室内设计之中。宽檐帽和塑料拉花均来自墨西哥,波纹金属版象征着墨西哥住宅,而座椅靠垫上的太阳符号则衍生自Burrito Loco的品牌logo。

The essential element is the cactus symbol, which is dominant in the interior and stylized in different forms. Other features include sombreros and garlands. The hanging lights are made of typical Mexican hats. The garlands could not be missing at any Mexican party, so they are hanging on the trees nearby each tin stand with refreshment. There are combined garlands of small light bulbs and garlands decorated with a cut pattern in the Burrito Loco interiors.The sombreros as well as the white plastic garlands are ordered directly from Mexico. The cladding of the corrugated sheet metal symbolizes Mexican residences. The applications on the pillows are in the shape of stylized sun that Burrito Loco has in its logos.

▼鲜明的仙人掌符号,the essential element is the cactus symbol


▼宽檐帽作为灯罩也是主要设计元素之一,the hanging lights are made of typical Mexican hats


▼丰富的空间色彩,colorful space


▼连锁餐厅平面示例,plans of the chain

▼连锁餐厅剖面示例,selected sections of the chain

Architect: Studio Formafatal, Prague
Project: January – March 2016
Realization: July 2017
Photos: Jakub Skokan a Martin Tůma – BoysPlayNicewww.boysplaynice.com
Cost for the realization of the interior:700 000 CZK/branch (50-70m2)
The suppliers:
atypical furniture/joinery products (production according to the Formafatal design) – Dyzyk (www.dyzyk.cz)
atypical furniture/ locksmith’s products (production according to the Formafatal design) – Kurel (www.kurel-web.cz)
patina-work of the atypical furniture and lighting – Aleš Poláček (www.mujoriginal.cz)
design and sewing of the pillows – Miriam Š. Poláčková (www.mujoriginal.cz)
Used material, typical furniture and lighting:
ceramic rectified paving Ragno/ cement screed
ceramic cladding Vogue
corrugated sheet metal + cut self-adhesive graphics
Dulux painting
Typical furniture:
disposable chairs from the old school ( repassed +new paint)/ industrial metal chairs from the e-shop (new coloring)
bar stool from an e-shop from England
no name light garlands
Zangra wall/ceiling industrial floodlights
atypically made hanging luminaires made of Mexican sombreros
atypically made luminaire of neon tubes
Other materials used on atypical furniture and atypical elements:
steel bars
plywood + black oil
solid wood + patina work to the desired shade
corten steel sheet
steel (strip, bent)

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