Triumfalnaya Square, Moscow by Buromoscow

Let’s make the historic square funny.

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Triumfalnaya广场位于莫斯科的主要街道Tverskaya旁边的交叉口处。 Buromoscow 在2013年莫斯科首次公开竞标公共广场项目中胜出,负责此项目。这次竞标的目标是为了复苏这个由前苏联建筑师Chechulin在1958年建造的城市广场,此前,这个广场的一半面被停车场占用。 Buromoscow对该广场的设计提出了5个步骤:

Triumfalnaya square is located at the crossing of Moscow’s main street Tverskaya with the Garden Ring. Buromoscow design has been chosen as a result of a first open competition for a public square in Moscow in 2013. The competition aimed at bringing back to life city square by Soviet architect Chechulin built in 1958, that in the last years became a transit space, half occupied by parking. Buromoscow proposed 5 steps for improvement:

▼广场鸟瞰,aerial view

设计步骤 1:划分出单独的广场和花园。将竞标场地分成了两个区域 :一个长方形的开放广场和一个由墙壁围合的紫色花园,强化出街道交叉口。

Step 1 – Divide a square and a garden:competition plot was divided into two zones – a rectangular open square and a lilac garden, enclosed by walls, that helps shape the street crossing.

▼明确的软、硬景观空间,seperate areas with soft and hard landscape.

▼沿种植池设置充足的座椅,满足游客休息需要,setting abundant sitting to meet the requirement of rest and chatting.

设计步骤 2:平整场地用地。广场表面曾呈现明显坡面,因此对其内部活动造成了一定影响。 设计师通过平整土地,提升边缘用地高度,将广场从繁忙的街道上独立了出来。

Step 2 – Flatten the square:the square surface had a strong inclination, which made the use of it rather difficult. By flattening the surface and raising the edge, the square became detached from a busy street.

▼通过广场一侧抬高,塑造内部平整地形,raise one side of the square to make the square surface keep level that can promote more activities inside.

设计步骤 3:重塑古典风格。设计师在广场采用了古典的苏联式外墙, 并以轴线式设计和行道树强化古典构图风格。

Step 3 – Make it more classical. The square is framed by classical Soviet facades. New central axis and linden trees at the perimeter are added to reinforce classical composition.

▼利用行道树加强广场轴线,同时提供广场庇荫场所,planting border trees to strengthen central while providing shading.

▼独立的小型建筑可提供咨询,餐饮等服务,the small separate glazed building could provide consulting service or available food.

设计步骤 4、5:增加浪漫色彩。Triumfalnaya广场的设计不仅保留了其历史文脉,同时也为城市增添了一抹浪漫气息。 设计师摒除了一贯的座椅设计,而是在广场两旁设置了两排趣味盎然的秋千。丁香花园给这个场所增添了一种更纯正的莫斯科内庭感觉。

Step 4 – Add romance. Triumfalnaya square is historically a place for rendezvous, a romantic place in the city. Instead of benches, there is a long row of 2 persons swings. Step 5 – Add more romance. Lilac garden gives the place a true Moscow inner courtyard feel.

▼秋千座椅是该广场的一大特色,常年吸引着个年龄段的游客,the swings in the square is a unique feature which attracts different-age visitors all year around

Triumfalnaya广场已于2015年交付竣工。经过改造,它从一个通行空间演变成了一个留停留空间,人们可以在此实现各种活动,比如聚会,喝咖啡,街边演奏,滑滑板等。 丰富的活动和用途使这个改造后的广场很快家喻户晓。而其中别具一格的秋千设计,更是吸引着众多莫斯科人前来享受其中的乐趣。

Triumfalnaya square has been delivered in 2015. From a space of transit, it turned into a space of stay, being always full of people – meeting up, having coffee, concert goers, skateboarders, vapers, musicians. It immediately became very popular with Moscovites queueing any time of the day, in summer or winter to use the swings.

▼广场夜景,night view of the square

▼广场位置及平面,the location and plan of the square

Architects : Buromoscow
Location : Moscow, Russia
Area : 13740.0 m2
Project Year : 2015
Photographs : Vlad Feoktistov
Landscape : Anna Andreeva, Arteza

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