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Evoke family warmth

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该项目距离巴塞罗那约有15公里,它展示了德国厨房品牌柔软、细致、温馨的新形象,仿佛为该品牌开启了历史新篇章。其室内设计更加私密和个性化,由设计师Francesc Rifé和展厅主人Caterina Masferrer合作完成。

With the feeling of opening a chapter in the history of the German kitchen brand, softness, details and warmth mark the new image of bulthaup Sant Cugat (located around 15 kilometres from Barcelona). Its new interior, more intimate and personal, is the result of the collaboration between the designer Francesc Rifé and the showroom’s owner, Caterina Masferrer.

▼室内概览,preview ©Montse Capdevila


“The idea behind the new design is to evoke family warmth and take the project towards a more domestic concept,” they explain. More like a home than a business, more private than exposed, closer than impersonal. To achieve this, serene materials and a warm chromaticism have been selected rooted in the identity of bulthaup. The natural or stained oak in different tones is balanced with the concrete floors, while the neutrality of the walls and concrete ceilings shape most of the space.

▼展览空间分为上下两层 ©Montse Capdevila
the exhibition space is divided into upper and lower floors


Neatly arranged and composed, the kitchens are distributed on two levels. The first, which combines a double-height area with a lower one, is presented as an atelier in which visitors can interact with the firm’s materials and finishes. The opportunity is also offered to experience bulthaup furniture in a purely technical sense, delving into its structure and configuration.

▼通高区域,the double-height area ©Montse Capdevila

▼橡木框架玻璃盒子,the glass box with oak frame ©Montse Capdevila

▼底层展厅,the lower showroom ©Montse Capdevila

▼从底层展厅望向通高区域 ©Montse Capdevila
the double-height area from the lower showroom


On the upper level, however, a much more personal scene of the home is represented through a selection of timeless and iconic furniture and objects. For a more connected spatial experience, this last environment is visually open to both the ground floor and the exterior through a glass enclosure framed in oak wood.

▼楼梯,the staircase ©Montse Capdevila

▼厨房展示间,the kitchen ©Montse Capdevila

▼餐厅展示间,the dining area ©Montse Capdevila

▼个性化的家居场景,the personal scene of the home ©Montse Capdevila

▼更加私密的展示间,more private showrooms ©Montse Capdevila


With hardly any distractions, neither in shape nor in materiality, the staircase adapts to the shape of the space and its design is animated through subtle details. The final brushstroke comes with the use of large curtains that, once again, refer to the intimacy of the home while allowing the excess of natural light that enters from the facade to be controlled. A practical gesture that also seeks to add sensitivity to the atmosphere and a certain scenographic setting.

▼大尺寸窗帘,the large curtain ©Montse Capdevila

▼楼梯细部,details of the stairs ©Montse Capdevila

▼家具细部,details of the furniture ©Montse Capdevila

▼临街外观,street view ©Montse Capdevila

▼一层平面图,ground floor plan ©Francesc Rifé Studio

▼二层平面图,first floor plan ©Francesc Rifé Studio

Ground floor: 120 m²

First floor: 148 m²
Photos: Montse Capdevila
Creative Brand Direction: Sauras + Garriga
Interior Design: Francesc Rifé Studio
Website: www.francescrifestudio.com

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