Bugye Arboretum ‘Sayuwon’ – Hyunam by IROJE Architects & Planners

No architectural concept exists there, only he or she and the nature remain in complete silence

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Bugye Arboretum ‘Sayuwon’
Location: Bugye-myeon, Gunwi-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
Site area: 130,695㎡

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玄庵 | Hyeonam(Black Cottage)


The building owner, or my client who discovered a new joy of life in a small house named Moheon that I designed in the City of Daegu, began constructing an arboretum in a 100 ha mountain area in Gunwi, Korea. While he had long transplanted 600-year-old quince trees, thinned the forest, and observed the change of the nature, he wanted to build the first house to live in there.

▼项目外观,exterior view © IROJE Architects & Planners

▼环境,context © IROJE Architects & Planners


The site is located in the middle of the mountain where people can see nothing but the rugged terrain and the sky. It faces the west, surely giving us a chance to see the sun going down over the reservoir and giving warmth in the winter season along the path of the sun.

▼入口立面,entrance facade © IROJE Architects & Planners

▼视野,sight © IROJE Architects & Planners


The client hoped that his future arboretum would be a place for meditation. This is why the five small artificial gardens along the access road were made, passing through the dense pine tree forest, to this cottage. While these are all small, it seems that the contrast of the slope and the flatland around each of the gardens would be a trigger for meditation.

▼入口区域,entrance © IROJE Architects & Planners

▼前厅走廊,foyer corridor © IROJE Architects & Planners

▼楼梯,stairs © IROJE Architects & Planners


At the end of the gardens, people will see a Corten steel structure along the straight slope. Above this structure, we will see an artificial hill while seeing the valley below. Entering the structure through the door, people will find themselves overwhelmed by a deep embrace of the majestic natural landscape. No architectural concept exists there, only he or she and the nature remain in complete silence.

▼耐候钢板构造物,the Corten steel structure © IROJE Architects & Planners

▼构造物沿着斜坡延伸,the structure extends along the straight slope © IROJE Architects & Planners


If visitors are fortunately there at sunset, they could see the beautiful glow of the setting sun. When they climb on the hill and sit down on a cold Corten steel chair in the middle of silver grass, they will feel like as part of the nature. This is a completely solitary moment, and a moment for philosophy. This is why the house was named Hyeonam, which literally means a black and shady cottage.

▼落座于芒草中的椅子,Corten steel chair in the middle of silver grass © IROJE Architects & Planners

▼夕阳下的视野,the setting sun © IROJE Architects & Planners

▼露台一瞥,a glance to the terrace © IROJE Architects & Planners


When people see this house at a distance, they will find it protruded from the ground as if it just came out of the underground into the world after waiting for a long time. That is why this house is yet to be completed and remains still.

▼建筑夜景,night view © IROJE Architects & Planners

▼远景和鸟瞰,aerial view © IROJE Architects & Planners

▼平面图,plan © IROJE Architects & Planners

▼剖面图,section © IROJE Architects & Planners

总建筑面积: 137㎡
结构设计: I’ST
景观设计:Seoahn Total Landscape

Completed in 2013
Bldg. area: 125㎡
Gross FL area: 137㎡
Structural engineer: I’ST
Mechanical engineer : Seah Eng.
Electrical engineer: WooLim E&C
Lighting design: bitzro
Landscape architect: Seoahn Total Landscape

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