Bubble Lab in Jiangsu, China by dongqi Architects

Bright, simple and tranquil bar in the center of the city.

Project Specs


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栋栖设计的Bubble Lab 精酿啤酒吧坐落于江苏常州市市中心闹中取静处,外立面及室内均以蓝色、金属银和灰色调营造出简明时尚、静谧疏朗的气质。

Situated in the center area of Changzhoux, Bubble Lab designed by dongqi Architects keeps a relatively quiet spot, offering craft beer and food to the customers. Sky blue, silver and gray together form a mixed quality of brightness, simplicity and tranquility from exterior to interior.

▼建筑外观,external view of the building

▼立面上方设置打有圆孔的折叠钢板,perforated folded steel panels above the glass facade


The interior ground is divided into three different terrazzo flooring which mixed by different colors of mortar and stones. The oblique metal strips separating the terrazzo flooring extend all the way out to the outdoor ground. The folded glass doors can be fully opened to both sides when the weather is fine, welcoming the guests to enjoy a glass of beer.

▼入口,地面为不同颜色的水磨石,折叠玻璃门可以完全打开,entrance, the ground is divided into three colored floorings with the glass door that could be fully opened

▼蓝色金属板指示空间流向,blue metal panels following the flow of the space



Inspired by Origami, the irregularly folded stainless steel sheets are the main elements of the shop-front facade, the beer wall and the bar counter. Laser-cutting circles grow large from bottom up to the top on the one side of the sheets, lights leaking out of the circles cast spots and reflection on the other side.

▼吧台,以穿孔不锈钢板装饰,灯光透过圆孔形成独特的光影想过,counter decorated by perforated stainless steel panels, with lights leaking out to create interesting shadow effects

▼穿孔钢板和吧台细部,details of the perforated steel panels and the counter


The beer taps are installed on one side of the folded sheets, which have different angles with the bar counter. The intention is to leave the profile of the bartender and the whole process of pouring a glass of beer to the guests. Non-parallel angle adds freshness as well as communication and interaction.

▼安装在一侧的酒头,beer taps installed on one side of the folded sheets


▼吧台立面图,elevation of the counter

项目名称:Bubble Lab精酿啤酒吧
设计团队:姜南 马翌婷 王仁杰
建筑面积:100 m2
材料:不锈钢 水磨石 玻璃

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