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Warmness, comfort, and discretion.

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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After over 20 years of living in this house, the kids grew up and the parents found their house no longer suited for their needs; They wished for a cleaner, more modern space to live in, host friends and lay back and relax after long work days.



Warmness, comfort, and discretion, were the values leading the planning and design process. The main attention was put on the living and kitchen floor, along with the master bedroom and bathroom; spaces the parents enjoy mostly. A large bespoke wood and steel unit was designed in the main living room, concealing a guest bathroom behind it. The unit also contains the entertainment system as well as a vast storage space.

▼客厅,living room

the unit contains the entertainment system as well as a vast storage space


For the kitchen, light grey colored wood, marble and stone, steel and golden-hued details, act as a soft contrast to compliment the living area. As an echo to the main furniture unit, in selected areas of the space, metal shelves and surfaces were placed, to add a tougher, cruder edge to the soft and warm ambiance.

▼厨房为浅灰色调,the light grey kitchen


Upstairs, the brief included less intervention, but a similar need for a sleeker, finer, updated space. Therefore, we opted for rich yet subtle materials- wood, marble and a touch of color. The details are repeated in different scales and materials throughout the house, in order to link between use, materiality, and appearance.

▼甄选富有细节的材料,opted for rich yet subtle material



Year: 2017
Size: 100 sqm
Photography:Matan Katz
Materials: Oak wood, Colored wood, Milano-grey stone, Marble, Metal in forms of natural steel and mate brass.

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