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Breaking the form centrally

Project Specs


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The design for this house was derived as a framing of outdoor space, the architecture a backdrop for the family’s engagement with the garden. Stripping the architectural language back to white rendered planes, the emphasis becomes not on the insular and what has been ‘designed in’, but on the totality of the site and the value of its outdoor connection.

On arrival, the entry is defined by a single full height puncture to an otherwise blank façade. The front façade acts as a canvas, capturing the shadows and reflections of a large oak street tree.

▼住宅外观,exterior view ©Shannon McGrath


On entry, one experiences an exaggerated threshold between interior and exterior, creating a charge of senses on arrival. In contrast to the modest and simple façade, on entering, spaces unfold, through the private sleeping areas, through the internal garden, and culminating in the main living, cooking and dining area.

▼入口路径,entry way  ©Shannon McGrath

▼开敞的内部起居空间,the spacious living area ©Shannon McGrath

▼厨房,kitchen ©Shannon McGrath

▼起居室细节, living room detailed view ©Shannon McGrath


Located within the center of the house, one must continually move through and experience the garden; not only guests coming to the public areas of the home, but the occupants as they move from the public living areas to the private areas of sleeping and bathing.

▼花园视角,view from the garden ©Shannon McGrath

▼要到达房屋的中心,就必须先穿越并体验花园的景观,one must continually move through and experience the garden to arrive at the center of the house ©Shannon McGrath

▼走廊,corridor ©Shannon McGrath


Private areas of sleeping, bathing, study and reading are purposefully concealed from interior sight lines, whilst the public areas in contrast are completely open and connected to the internal garden. Further connections are made between the internal garden and the space around the house, providing a layering of landscape and surrounding built form.

▼卧室和浴室,bedroom and bathroom ©Shannon McGrath

▼书房,study ©Shannon McGrath


Breaking the form centrally also allows northern light to enter both the site and the building form, without compromising either visual or acoustic privacy from the street or adjacent properties.

▼从内部打破的体量为建筑引入光线,breaking the form centrally allows northern light to enter both the site and the building form ©Shannon McGrath

Completion date: 2016
Building level: 1
Project team: Studiofour
Architecture, Interiors + Landscape
Photo:Shannon McGrath

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