Borges 3647 by Cité Arquitetura

Residential building with splendid view of ‘Christ the Redeemer’ and Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon

Project Specs


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项目坐落于里约热内卢,以当地气候与景观为基础由巴西本土建筑事务所Cité Arquitetura设计。在公寓楼内,从某些角度可以看到著名的“救世主基督”神像以及最受人们喜爱的休闲沉思之地 —— Rodrigo de Freitas泻湖的非凡风光。该项目以朴素实用的设计手法与高质量的景观规划为市民提供了一个优质的安居之所。

The Borges 3647 Building, an architectural project developed by Cité Arquitetura, adopted as premises the valorization of the views of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) – from some points it´s possible to see ‘Christ the Redeemer’ – and the integration with the remarkable landscape of Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, one of the most loved places for contemplation and exercise in the city.

▼由街道看建筑,viewing the project from the street ©Pedro Vannucchi


The residential building was based on an implementation solution that generates quality views of the city; uses a lot of concrete and glass, and your designs dialog with the premise of respecting the outside context. The building mimics the landscape, and when you get close, the details are rich. The design fits, seen from the inside, with the delicacy of this project, which integrates powerfully from the details. As it has a lot of glass, it makes the lagoon very close to the ‘living’.

▼公寓楼外观,the exterior view ©Pedro Vannucchi

▼大量的玻璃营造出通透的空间氛围,Plenty of glass creates a transparent atmosphere in the space ©Pedro Vannucchi


In search of quality views, besides the solution of implantation in the exact direction of ‘Christ the Redeemer’, the project sought large spans, in visual approximation with the surrounding landscape, also composed by generous canopies of the street trees, elements used to integrate in an elegant way with the surroundings.

▼由建筑看泻湖,viewing the lagoon from the building ©Pedro Vannucchi

▼阳台与顶层公寓的露台,The balcony and the terrace of the penthouse apartment ©Pedro Vannucchi


Exposed concrete was used in all the beams, cemented that somehow ends up making the texture that looks like a fine roughcast. The aluminum railing with a woody finish and the pearly gray of the frames forms a backdrop for everything, giving it cohesion. The cut of the railing makes the special detail, with the path of the lines going through all the façade until the volumetric matrix and details that finish it.

▼富有视觉冲击力的水平线条,Horizontal lines provide visual impact ©Pedro Vannucchi

▼外观细部,exterior details ©Pedro Vannucchi


Still in relation to the dialogue with the outside, the building seeks through its details to interpret the Lagoon Skyline, taking advantage of the full and empty spaces to frame views, as large pictures of everyday life. The use of discreet materials stands out: besides glass, a first layer that forms the façade is composed of concrete and perforated metallic plates, while a second layer, that of the balconies, is composed of wood profiles in asymmetrical and varied designs.

▼入口立面,entrance facade ©Pedro Vannucchi

▼底层的立面由混凝土和穿孔金属板组成,a first layer that forms the façade is composed of concrete and perforated metallic plates ©Pedro Vannucchi

▼底层室外花园,outdoor garden on the ground floor ©Pedro Vannucchi

▼二层公寓自带的花园与泳池,outdoor garden and pool of the first floor apartment ©Pedro Vannucchi


The Borges 3647 residential building has six floors and is composed of two apartments in each floor type, one with three and the other with two bedrooms. In the plans, the positioning of bathrooms and kitchens was thought in a way to guarantee the greatest number of variations possible, meeting the needs of transforming the house to the resident’s taste and needs. The units on the second floor have private gardens, due to the configuration of the access floor, while the units on the sixth floor have rooftop terraces with panoramic views.

▼底层入口室内概览,overall of the entrance interior on the ground floor ©Pedro Vannucchi

▼大面积的玻璃幕墙与室外阳台将景观引入室内,Large glazed facades and outdoor balconies bring views into the interior ©Pedro Vannucchi

▼由阳台看室外景观,viewing the surrounding environment on the balcony ©Pedro Vannucchi

▼顶层公寓的室外露台,terrace of the top floor apartment ©Pedro Vannucchi

本公寓楼以及Buildings Carmela Dutra e Lygia Reisen公寓楼均为Cité Arquitetura事务所设计的Cité Design 360项目中的一部分。从最初的可行性研究、到项目宣传再到项目建设,Cité Arquitetura事务所做到了全程参与,保证了设计的落地性。

This new project, as well as Buildings Carmela Dutra e Lygia Reisen, in Rio de Janeiro, is part of Cité Design 360, where Cité Arquitetura office actively participates in all project stages, from feasibility studies to the creation of the enterprise’s name, its publicity material and executive project.

▼总平面图,site plan © Cité Arquitetura

▼底层平面图,ground floor plan © Cité Arquitetura

▼二层平面图,first floor plan © Cité Arquitetura

▼三居室层平面图,floor plan of apartment with three bedrooms © Cité Arquitetura

▼两居室层平面图,floor plan of apartment with two bedrooms © Cité Arquitetura

▼顶层公寓平面图,penthouse plan © Cité Arquitetura

▼顶层跃层及露台平面图,upper floor of the penthouse with terrace © Cité Arquitetura

▼立面图,elevations © Cité Arquitetura

▼剖面图,sections © Cité Arquitetura

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