Boolean Birdhouse by Phoebe SaysWow Architects

A narrative of family and home

Project Specs


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▼项目概览,overall view ©Hey!Cheese


▼鸟瞰,aerial view


As a Flower Festival pavilion located in the remote mountains, the mission is to provide a resting point while enhancing visitors’ experiences during the festival. Human beings are under unprecedented influence from the Covid19 pandemics. Home regains its significance and involves our daily lives even stronger. This led to a narrative that family and home is where one found love and awesomeness yet along with complications.

▼鸟瞰,aerial view ©Hey!Cheese

▼木结构小屋融入公园环境,the wooden structure blends into its surroundings ©Hey!Cheese

不同量体透过堆叠相嵌,在外观上形成聚合又富变化的意象, 辅以对外墙台湾杉木材采用不同处理方式达到和谐却富变化的层次感 ,观赏者走动时,在每个角度都可欣赏到建筑不同的样貌。

five individual house-shape volumes were stacked together ©OS Studio

▼外观局部,exterior detailed view ©Hey!Cheese

Our design rooted from this narrative and re-interpreted it by stacking five individual house-shape volumes and removing the overlapped area to create a booleaned interior which conveys unique spatial experiences from its complex geometries and wooden structures. As for the facade design, wood shingles made of Taiwania, a cypress tree, were arranged with various patterns as well as bark finishes to give a natural presence as a wood cabin also as birdhouses which blends into its surroundings.

wood shingles made of Taiwania, a cypress tree, were arranged with various patterns ©Hey!Cheese


One might even notices there are seven peculiar boxes with opening on the facades. Yes, a house for both people and birds under one roof! The birdhouse concept came to play to bring birds from the woods to an open field which encourages visitors aware of these wonderful species. We hope visitors enjoy this little surprise.

▼小屋与花钟和小径的关系 ©Phoebe Sayswow + Hey!Cheese
the relation ship among the project, the Flower Clock and the garden trails

▼穿梭体验内外空间,the connected spaces ©Shihhwa Hung


▼剖面图,sections ©Phoebe Sayswow


▼内部空间,interior view ©Hey!Cheese

the continuous and dynamic surfaces and structure ©Hey!Cheese

one may find a cozy position to enjoy a moment of meditation ©Hey!Cheese

The interior is mainly for sheltering and exhibition, in which one may find a cozy position to enjoy a moment of meditation. The circulation is curated to have visitors entering from two different entrances on the opposite side shaping different vantage points to appreciate the spatial characters. Since the interior space is semi-disconnected, visitors are expected to engage both inside and outside of the building to complete the experience which makes more sense for a project in such specific location. Projection mapping is an integrated art form presenting fantastic visual drama promoting nature conservation awareness which mutually enhancing the design agenda.

projection mapping presents fantastic visual drama ©Hey!Cheese + OS Studio


▼全木构的建筑,an all-wood structure ©OS Studio

▼春意盎然,the birdhouse in a furious spring ©Hey!Cheese

▼平面图,plan ©Phoebe Sayswow

Completion Date: Feb.14 2020
Photo by:  Hey!Cheese, OS Studio, Shihhwa Hung

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