BLOCK PARTY by Andy Rementer for Areaware

Create your own neighborhood friends

Project Specs

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Appreciations towards Andy Rementer for providing the following description:

方块聚会是Andy Rementer为Areaware设计的一款玩具,其中的每一员都和你我一样,由自己所处的社区塑造,有属于自己的独特故事。你可以随心所欲地混合、搭配、堆叠零件,创造自己的小伙伴。

Everyone at the Block Party is like you and me: each with a unique personality and story to tell, shaped by the communities they live in. Stack and rearrange their pieces any way you like—or mix and match to create your own collection of neighborhood friends.

▼不同方式组合出的不同角色,different characters created by arranging the blocks in different ways ©Andy Rementer

▼组合过程,arrangement of the blocks ©Andy Rementer

▼不同的角色,different characters ©Andy Rementer

▼同一角色的不同组合,different arrangements of the same character ©Andy Rementer

▼分散的零件,blocks ©Andy Rementer

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