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A corner of contemplation on the shore of Minho river

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Sitting on the left bank of the Minho river, Lanhelas is the parish of Caminha further north of the municipality. With a strong and long-standing economic connection to the river, the town holds some deep memories and popular traditions. “Carocho” is an example of this, an icon of identity and an effective means of transportation that is also part of the landscape. Lanhelas extends through the land in a cluster of granite houses – of which we highlight the beauty of Solar da Casa da Torre, with its gargoyles –, but the riverside area is its crown jewel.

▼项目远观,viewing the project at distance © Filipa Frois Almeida

▼装置将河岸的景色纳入框景之中,the project frames and highlights the beauty of the shore © Filipa Frois Almeida


This riverfront, on the left bank of the Minho river, in addition to being an agricultural reserve with lots of land suitable for cultivation, is widely sought after by those who wish to go for a walk through the eco-track, enjoy a picnic or the countryside, or even engage in professional and recreational fishing. As we walk along the banks of the Minho River we can see a set of structures related to fishing: boats, moorings tied to the shore, nets drying in the sun, small huts for storing fishing equipment along the riverfront, between the trees, as if awaiting the return of the fishermen to become useful.

▼项目与储存渔具的小棚屋,the project and the small huts for storing fishing equipment along the riverfront © Filipa Frois Almeida


The area of intervention is a place where time seems to slow down, allowing a complete communion with the surrounding environment. It is here that, suddenly, the piece integrates the context, when the authors decide to put it in front of the river, waiting for someone to occupy it and fill the landscape. A formal and compositional relationship that makes the piece very local.

▼项目宛如一尊洁白的雕塑,静静等待着人们的到来,the project waiting for someone to occupy it and fill the landscape© Filipa Frois Almeida


The piece draws a corner of contemplation, a frame that moulds and adjusts to the place, resting on the river shore and framing the landscape with the same languidness with which we experience the space. Here we recognize a set of unique elements that build their image and identity as a whole.

▼项目提供了河边休憩的场地, the project provide a place for resting on the river shore © Filipa Frois Almeida


The marks of the past and the various strata of the landscape make us stop, and the nearby water between the fields triggers our senses. Arriving at the dead-end, we simply stand between the rushing water and the rustling of the poplars, only exposed to the limits of our gaze over the other shore.

▼由项目看河岸建筑,viewing the granite houses inside the project © Filipa Frois Almeida

▼项目细部,detail of the project © Filipa Frois Almeida

▼项目顶部细节,detail of the top part © Filipa Frois Almeida

▼材料细部,details of the material © Filipa Frois Almeida

▼项目安装过程,installation process © Filipa Frois Almeida

▼项目图纸,drawings © FAHR 021.3 

Author: FAHR 021.3 
Team:Hugo Reis and Filipa Frois Almeida
Construction: Retail Concept S.A. + MAOS Carpintaria 
Photography:Filipa Frois Almeida
Promotor:Cim Alto Minho 
Location:Lanhelas, Caminha, Portugal
Completion: 2018

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