Black Star Car Wash by GRETAPROJECT

An underground space featuring the calligraphy composition and light installations

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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There was a challenging and interesting task in this project – to create a unique carwash space, resembling an art object and having a “wow” factor, but at the same time, it was crucial to save the functionality of space and provide the proper work setting for the entire facility. The difficult thing about this project was in the facility location – it is an underground part of the building in the city center, that means facing the problem of low ceilings, plenty of communication and the absence of natural light. Thus the intention was to expand the space visually and change its geometry.

▼洗车店室内,overall interior view of the project

室内空间的设计概念是通过图案形状对原有空间简单的几何形状进行变换和折射。随后,建筑师将深石墨色、书法般的明亮的图案纹理和灯光装置结合,将设计概念应用在实体空间上。建筑事务所GRETAPROJECT充分考虑了洗车的功能需求,受迈阿密WYNWOOD艺术中心的启发,创造了一种特殊的书法图案,该图案由重复出现的客户(BLACK STAR)标识图案组成。最终,得到了一个由绘画图形和几何图案共同打造而成的令人印象深刻的空间,同时在视觉上扩大了这个封闭的空间。在本项目中,建筑师希望能够通过平面几何图形向人们展示空间形式的转换,与此同时,探索颜色对空间体验的影响。

The concept of the interior is a transformation and refraction of simple geometry of space by the shape of the pattern. The idea is performed by the combination of the dark graphite color, bright calligraphy composition, and light installations. Taking into account the facility function CARWASH and inspired by WYNWOOD in Miami, GRETAPROJECT created a special calligraphy pattern that consists of regularly repeated client’s label name BLACK STAR. Graphic and at the same time geometric pattern creates a memorable setting and expands enclosed space visually. In this project, the designers wanted to show how the usual forms of space transform by applying flat geometry and how the color influences the perception of the space.

▼洗车店出入口,上方设有以45°的角度安装的线性灯具,the entrance with the linear lamps in 45-degree angle above

▼洗车店出入口,室内采用深石墨色、书法般的明亮的图案纹理和灯光装置的组合,the entrance, using the combination of the dark graphite color, bright calligraphy composition, and light installations

BLACK STAR的品牌标识是一个黑色的太阳,这个图形以一种环形照明设施的形态被用在了清洗仓的上空。在清洗空间的入口区域,则安装了X形的照明装置,从而与环形的品牌标识形成对比。为了让内部空间更有活力,建筑师将线性灯具以45°的角度安装在洗车店出入口的两侧。这样的设计激发了顾客的视觉运动,同时将他们引入了洗车店的主要功能区。此外,建筑师还在洗车店入口附近设置了一个洗车过程(车体的内外清洗及抛光等)的展示空间,创造出一种与众不同的视觉效果,从而吸引了顾客的注意力。

▼洗车店室内局部,清洗空间入口区域上方安装了X形的照明装置,partial interior view with  the X-formed lighting above

▼洗车店室内局部,partial interior view

The BLACK STAR label symbol is the black sun which was used to create the lighting structure in the form of a ring in the washing boxes. As for the entrance zone, the X-formed lighting was installed to form a contrast of the symbols. To make the interior more energetic, the linear lamps are located at 45-degree angle on both sides of the entrance and exit. It creates the visual movement of the visitor’s sight and leads the visitor to the main part of the facility. The detailing light sign is located near the entrance of the carwash, and thus it is the hallmark of the project attracting visitors’ sight.

▼汽车清洗空间,上方设有环形照明装置,the washing space with the ring lighting structure

▼洗车店入口附近的洗车过程的展示空间,弧形结构和灯光设置与众不同,the detailing light sign located near the entrance of the carwash with the unique arcing structure and lighting facilities

▼洗车店入口附近的洗车过程的展示空间细节,details of the detailing light sign located near the entrance of the carwash


The cafe interior’s concept is a prolongation of simple space refraction by sophisticated geometry of the pattern applied to it. Thus, regular rectangular forms are perceived as complex geometry creating the visual effect and drawing visitors’ attention.

▼从洗车空间看咖啡厅,灯光装置映照在咖啡厅的玻璃上,the cafe viewing from the carwash, its glass reflects lighting facilities hung above the carwash

▼咖啡厅室内,interior view of the cafe

▼咖啡厅室内吧台(左),座椅细节(右),interior view of the cafe, the bar (left), details of the seating (right)

Total area: 1200 m2
Year: 2018
Client: Black Star
Architecture & design: GRETAPROJECT
Architects: Margarita Denisova, Maxim Kashin
Location: Moscow, Russia


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