Black cant system – black shell HEIKE clothing brand concept store by Hangzhou AN interior design company

Cool, and angular

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Set by several independent body to cooperation, expand, mobile, friction to electrostatic adsorption conditions;
Continue to stretch, removed, arrangement, frequency, to set up the wide sloping surface connection port;
Stirring fermentation and playing, grouting, massage, adhesive,
Continue to connect other individual and cross infection, combination, rub… Continue transformation, shell, glaze, generate new rhetoric section
– black cant system

001-a9影像Black cant system by Hangzhou ah well interior

002-a5黑色斜面系统Black cant system by Hangzhou ah well interior

003-d柱体1Black cant system by Hangzhou ah well interior


Black shell HEIKE clothing shop is a brand of independent designers, “old black” – the black shell only stores, in addition, the black shell space assumes the role of art and design exhibition space; Project is located in hangzhou binjiang, a furniture store on the second floor, is the pattern of the inn in inn; Must pass the furniture store the middle of a narrow stairs, to reach the black shell, the stairs in a third place to black shell HEIKE open space, space is the glyph. Raw material: space clear water concrete.

▽ 透视图


▽ 入口,必须通过家具店中间位置的一条狭长的楼梯,才能到达黑壳(左)& 接待台 (右)

004 入口1Black cant system by Hangzhou ah well interior     007 f前台Black cant system by Hangzhou ah well interior




Independent designer brands – black shell HEIKE to clothing sale, based on custom form, a collection of static display, dynamic display of forms, such as the uncertainty of space platform (art, design and music); Is the independent designer shops other possibilities of exploration, is also a fashion designer, “old black” of new behaviors of individual experiment; In the clothing shop and future uncertain behavior of composite foundation, how to make overall feelings about designer old black behavior space, a subject of the project design.

▽ 平面,楼上空间围绕楼梯和大斜面儿呈回字形


▽ 立面

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Black large slope, and on the slope flow image is – Normandy landing documentary, images show the river quietly on the slope fluctuation of light and shadow, project strengthening clothing concept store experience, input into the feeling of the audience and consumers;

010 a2黑色斜面系统Black cant system by Hangzhou ah well interior

010 a4黑色斜面系统Black cant system by Hangzhou ah well interior




Black slope body piece of large cylinder overhead, accounting for a total area of about 50%, use of marble powder, cant let in light, such as the burnish like marble; Overlay the storeroom, the fitting room, small design works exhibit, stair channel, railings and other functional space and objects, all sorts of function of interlocking, implied within the black scarf, play the role of the landscape in the space;

010 a3黑色斜面系统Black cant system by Hangzhou ah well interior

010 c饰品间和试衣间Black cant system by Hangzhou ah well interior

010 c饰品室1Black cant system by Hangzhou ah well interior     010 c饰品室手工痕迹Black cant system by Hangzhou ah well interior

010 d柱体2Black cant system by Hangzhou ah well interior     010 d柱体3Black cant system by Hangzhou ah well interior




Manual polishing stainless steel fan armrest, at its widest point is 1 m, is from the inside out from coarse to fine the acute Angle of the triangle block formWelding of iron rust, polished stainless steel, direct exposure of handmade trace, slightly manual sexual sense of industry;Stainless steel props, polished metal color and geometry of the concave and convex shape make aerial form full of sense of the future.

010 a6黑色斜面系统Black cant system by Hangzhou ah well interior

010 b扶手1Black cant system by Hangzhou ah well interior

010 b扶手的手工痕迹2Black cant system by Hangzhou ah well interior




Separately for the project design of aluminum droplight, parabolic block group clothes hanging shelves, triangle block parallel to the monomer of metope hangers, store two sides big spectacles, let a guest the fitting by reflection into this huge system;

008 落地镜1Black cant system by Hangzhou ah well interior

010 f道具2Black cant system by Hangzhou ah well interior     011 道具4Black cant system by Hangzhou ah well interior






Project space stair channels have been divided into two trends of the space, traditionally, the vertical partition way is easier to form…
Our design is try to offset such habits, or tilt.

Channel set about from the stairs, by a black body piece too tilt, dividing line of the original space bold, bold division is connected; Form a more obvious demarcation, paradox of the replaced the habitual vertical wall segmentation methods;Connect the stairs to the channel into two Spaces.While tilting body piece of internal across the functional area, distinct, Completed to the idea of people in a space activities

We set the black body piece of black can’t system.

013 HEIKE顶视图效果图1Black cant system by Hangzhou ah well interior

013 HEIKE前景效果图Black cant system by Hangzhou ah well interior


Industry: old black clothing design studioHost
design: Hangzhou ah well interior design company
Address:Binjiang DistrictBingsheng road 4309, Hangzhou, China
Area: 200 square meters
Finish: 2015.10
Photograph: Liu Yujie , Wang Min

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