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The naked bar.

Project Specs


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The empty and forgotten semi-basement space in the 19th century Ljubljana corner building, which faces the riverside and a rarely frequented stairs-street, housed diverse ventures in the past, from a local butcher shop to a wholesale wine store. Instead of a dull list of technical requirements we received our brief one Saturday morning in the form of a full course brunch, where the chef laid out the whole menu to be served in the future bistro. This delicious introduction helped us understand the identity of the food, the importance of its preparation and the complexity of the brunch ritual.

▼餐厅面朝滨河景观, the bistro faces to the riverside

▼餐厅外观,exterior view


Whilst discussing the food and the ingredients used, from eggs benedict to shakshuka, we conceptualised the project in relation to the menu. The food wasn’t concealing the ingredients, but rather disclosed them openly, so we unveiled the space in a similarly candid way: by stripping down the walls and ceiling, we unveiled the space’s history from underneath decades of plaster. The naked walls revealed memories from times past, with a mixed construction of brick and stone and brick vaults typical for ground floors in 19th century town structures. The light fixtures are similarly pared back, with nothing but bare bulbs attached to copper wiring, which runs against the ceiling and wall, then disappears in the gap between wooden floor and brick wall.

▼去繁从简的内部装饰,the simplicity of the decorations

▼裸露的老墙和天花板,the exposed wall and ceiling

▼简单的灯泡照明系统,the simple design of the illumination system


Custom designed white marble tables reference the traditional French bistro table in the form of a square slab supported by a wireframe of black steel bars. Their small size and shape allow for various arrangements of the seating layout, adapting to individuals, couples or private group setups. The thin black structures are also featured on the food showcase wall in the form of a spatial structure, supporting custom made terracotta bowls and flat plates that redefine generic shelves. Corten steel was used as the systemic addition to the rediscovered brick walls. It frames all the irregularities in the wall openings from the entrance door to the window openings while fully enclosing the lavatories with custom-made partition walls.

▼黑色钢筋线框运用到墙面装饰上,the thin black structures are featured on the wall

▼柯尔顿钢围框出立面开口,Corten steel frames the openings

▼矩形大理石桌面板搭靠在黑色钢筋线框支架上形成餐桌,a square slab supported by a wireframe of black steel bars to form the table

▼一些手工制作的陶土碗碟装满了新鲜食材展示在墙壁上, the food showcase wall in the form of a spatial structure, supporting custom made terracotta bowls and flat plates that redefine generic shelves





The tactile experience of exposed materials adds to and enhances the visitors’ enjoyment of the carefully prepared food in what is already an enjoyable experience – having brunch with friends on a sunny Saturday morning. 

▼别样的用餐氛围,the enjoyable experience




project name: bistro EK
subtitle: the naked bar
location: Petkovškovo nabrežje 65, Ljubljana, Slovenia
architectural office: dekleva gregorič architects
project team: Aljoša Dekleva u.d.i.a. M.Arch. (AA Dist), Tina Gregorič u.d.i.a. M.Arch. (AA Dist), Martina Marčan mag. ing. arch., Silvia Susanna mag. arch.
client: private
net area: 74 m2 (68 m2 + 6 m2)
project date: 2013 – 2014
completion date: 2017
photos: Flavio Coddou

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