Bermonds Locke by Holloway Li

Embedding the desert sky into the hotel’s DNA

Project Specs

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Holloway Li于今年9月揭幕了他们为家庭式酒店品牌Locke打造的新门店:位于伦敦Bermondsey区中心的Bermonds Locke。设计以材料的再利用为基础,同时受到加州约书亚树公园和莫哈韦沙漠的启发,将拥有143间客房的酒店改造成了一座梦幻的彩虹天堂。

This September Holloway Li will unveil their design for home-meets- hotel brand Locke’s latest opening – Bermonds Locke – an urban retreat in the heart of Bermondsey. Brought to life with repurposed materials, our innovative design will transform the 143 room hotel into a surreal, iridescent haven, inspired by California’s Joshua Tree and Mojave desert.

▼项目概览,overview © Edmund Dabney


公共区域 | Common Areas 

酒店的接待空间被一颗“月球”照亮,在与镜面天花板的搭配下营造出幻境般的体验,其灵感源自奥拉维尔·埃利亚松著名的“Weather Project”装置。在兼具商务感和休闲感的宁静氛围中,客人们可以使用开放的共享办公空间;秋千椅、固定混凝土长椅和悬吊的植物点缀在酒吧与餐厅之间。

▼“月球”装置在与镜面天花板的搭配下营造出幻境般的体验 © Edmund Dabney
bespoke moonlight installation over the welcome desk with mirrored ceiling to create visual effect of a mirage on entry

The desert-inspired aesthetic begins with a moonlit reception bathed in a glittering mirage created by overhead mirrors, inspired by Olafur Eliasson’s celebrated Weather Project installation. In the tranquil pursuit of both business and pleasure, visitors can meander through open co-working spaces basking in soft light – with swing chairs, fixed concrete banquette seating and suspended planters punctuating the space between bar and restaurant.

▼接待空间,reception © Edmund Dabney

▼从共享工作空间望向庭院,view to the courtyard from the co-working area © Edmund Dabney

▼户外公共庭院,external shared courtyard spaces © Edmund Dabney


Marking a new design direction for Locke, we have curated a living experience carved out of recycled construction site materials that will adorn the studio rooms, bar and restaurant, co-working spaces, gym and yoga room. The studio harnessed the potential of upcycling to curate bespoke furniture and interiors throughout the space.

▼共享办公空间,co-working lounge © Edmund Dabney

▼共享办公空间,co-working © Edmund Dabney

▼会议室,meeting room © Edmund Dabney

▼双层高的共享办公空间可以望向伦敦的塔桥大街 © Edmund Dabney
The co-working area occupies a vast double-height space which looks out onto Tower Bridge Road


Concrete testing cubes destined for landfill find new purpose at Bermonds Locke, serving as plinths for a six-metre long terrazzo table in the ground floor workspace, and shaped into a bar frontage that will serve Bermondsey’s Beer Mile’s finest beer atop its surface. Repurposed steel rebar and clay bricks form decorative ironwork and joinery elements throughout the space.

▼餐厅,restaurant © Edmund Dabney

▼用餐区细节,dining area details © Edmund Dabney


Capturing the psychedelic experience of Joshua Tree underpins the design narrative. An industrial process of zinc-passivation creates an iridescent rainbow finish that will be found on bar tops, wall panelling and echoed by fluted polarising glass sliding partitions in the rooms. This metal-dipping process forms a patina over the metal, embedding the desert sky into the hotel’s DNA.

▼空间叙事以捕捉约书亚树公园的迷幻体验为依据 © Edmund Dabney
capturing the psychedelic experience of Joshua Tree underpins the design narrative


客房/公寓 | Bedrooms / Apartments 


Bringing the changing gradient of the desert sunset to South London, Locke’s signature functional living rooms on the upper floors will be dipped in blue, beige and grey hues and saturated vibrant reds on the lower floors. The studio has designed bespoke modular sofas handmade using sand mixed with resin lay-up to recreate the desert’s tonality. Rough-sawn timber floors welcome a patina to be marked with steps trodden.

▼酒店客房包含了全方位的起居设施,这也是Locke家庭式酒店的特色所在 © Edmund Dabney
a defning character of the Locke experience is to have all living functions (live, eat, sleep, wash) in one hotel room

© Nicholas Worley


Holloway Li事务所的创意总监Alex Holloway表示:“我们非常高兴能够与Locke合作,为该品牌的公寓酒店提出新的设计方向。通过在材料再利用方面的创新,我们希望突出循环材料经济在营造独特美感以及新型生活体验上的巨大潜力,即利用更少的资源做更多的事。”

▼客房动态轴测图,axonometric animation © Holloway Li

Designed to be lived in, each individual studio is equipped with a fully functional kitchen and laundry facilities, giving guests the flexibility to live in each room undisturbed for anything from one night to three months. Paying homage to nature’s wonder in both aesthetic and eco-responsibility, bespoke bed frames woven from blackened rebar accented with linen canopies infuse old notions of the concrete jungle with a new sense of sanctuary.

“We are really excited to be partnering with Locke to pave a new design direction for the brand’s home-meets-hotel concept. By innovating the reuse of materials, we hope to highlight how a circular material economy can generate an incredibly unique aesthetic and a new kind of living experience – doing more, with less.” -Alex Holloway, Creative Director Holloway Li

▼房间内的定制床架由黑色回收螺纹钢和亚麻布蓬制成 © Edmund Dabney
bespoke bed frames woven from blackened rebar accented with linen canopies




We recycled concrete strength-testing cubes to create impactful table plinths in the co-working area, and the bar-front in the restaurant, referencing rocky desert outcrops. We love the humble story of this waste elements, each cube hasa unique sand/cement mix and are numbered and dated with a different set of handwriting, creating strange hieroglyphs. The blocks follow a strict 100x100mm form, making them a perfect elements to recycle for practical use. We worked with a testing facility who were helpful in stockpiling these for us, when they would otherwise go to landfill.

▼回收的混凝土立方试块,Re-cycled concrete strength-testing cubes © Edmund Dabney





Elsewhere in the project, we sought to highlight the decorative qualities of basic construction elements and processes.

(1) Rebar (reinforcing bar): This inexpensive raw material was shaped into decorative ironwork through the rooms and common areas – The raised ‘lugs’ on the metal are designed to promote a strong bond when submerged in concrete, but take on a decorative quality when left exposed as a ribbed finish. This was used to create the bar gantry, and wardrobes and – most notably – a unique take on the ‘four-poster’, using the rebar to form curved frames draped in linen canopies above the beds.

▼用钢筋弯曲形成的床架,detail shot of Headboard in bedrooms © Nicholas Worley


(2) Zinc Passivation: The studio wanted to capture the iridescent qualities of this metal finishing process – an inexpensive coating commonly used as a protective coating on exposed chains and scaffold clamps – so they worked with the plating company  to perfect a striking wall-cladding that recalls the psychedelic experience of Joshua Tree.

▼经过镀锌钝化处理的金属表面,detail of wall panelling and meeting rooms © Edmund Dabney

3. 工程砖和隔热黏土砖。这些生活中常见的材料被“翻转”过来,通过其纯粹的外形展示出一种独特的美学。在该项目中,它们被赋予了装饰品的功能,而不再是预想中那样作为建筑材料。

(3) Engineering brick and Insulated Clay bricks: The simple notion of turning these everyday materials on their wrong side, highlights the decorative qualities of their pure form, allowing them to be re-purposed as ornament, instead of their expected purpose as a building block.

▼材料搭配,material pallette © Sophie Percival

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan © Holloway Li

▼客房标准平面图,typical bedroom plan © Holloway Li

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