Beiqijia Technology Business District, Beijing by Martha Schwartz Partners

A striped ground plane pattern forge a memorable identity throughout the site.

Project Specs


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占地60公顷,由玛莎·舒瓦茨事务所(MSP)设计的北京昌平北七家科技商业区已于近日正式对外开放,并凭借其高效节能的设计获得了 LEED金奖提名。简洁现代的可持续建筑与景观设计宣告了开发商的雄心,意图在北京北部的城郊建立起一片极具前瞻性的大型综合社区。

Martha Schwartz Partners (MSP), an award-winning landscape architecture firm with more than 35 years of global experience, has just announced completion of a 60 hectare LEED Gold project candidate located in the Beiqijia Technology Business District of the Changping district north of Beijing, China. Commissioned by Beijing Ningke Real Estate, the forward-looking mixed-use development is an ambitious large-scale district in Beijing, through which a full community was created incorporating contemporary architecture and designed landscapes, with a focus on sustainability.

▼鸟瞰图,Aerial view

1. Aerial view Beiqijia Technology Business District by Martha Schwartz Partners

“作为一个如此大型的开发项目,本项目史无前例地将设计感放在了与功能性同等重要的位置上,这使得我们能够相对自由地在基地范围内进行创作,也让最终的空间质量远远高于区域内的其他地块。” 玛莎·舒瓦茨说道。

This project is groundbreaking because design was considered to be as important as function for this large-scale development,” said Martha Schwartz, principal of MSP. “This allowed for a level of creativity applied to an entire community that we think is unparalleled in the region.” 

▼中央公园与水景,Central park and the sweeping water feature

5. Sweeping water feature Beiqijia Technology Business District by Martha Schwartz Partners


The project’s landscape is subdivided into three programmatic zones including commercial/retail/ office, central park/ common area and residential. A striped ground plane pattern permits differentiation within the zones. The ‘strips’ of this pattern become paving, planting or bespoke street furniture, lighting and entry gateway features that forge a memorable identity throughout the site.

▼下沉花园入口,Entrance to sunken courtyard garden

4..Entrance to sunken courtyard garden Beiqijia Technology Business District by Martha Schwartz Partners

▼下沉花园,Sunken courtyard garden

3. Sunken courtyard garden Beiqijia Technology Business District by Martha Schwartz Partners


The green heart of the project consists of a public Central Park open space that sits adjacent to a series of sunken gardens, framed by raised gardens of perennials, hedges and ornamental grasses. People can sit along the edges or lounge on chairs placed among trees and grass.

▼中央开放公园,Central park

2. Central park Beiqijia Technology Business District by Martha Schwartz Partners


To the north along Qui Bei Road Promenade is the Eco Zone, a linear landscape with the ecologi- cal function of collecting and absorbing storm water runoff from the impervious surfaces of the site. Seating, an area for strolling, and a sculptural gateway structure draws people into the open space. Below the Eco Zone, courtyard gardens and landscapes surround of offices with individually designed outdoor spaces.

▼办公下沉庭院中的竹林,Sunken office courtyard bamboo forest

6. Sunken office courtyard bamboo forest Beiqijia Technology Business District by Martha Schwartz Partners


The residential zone is located at the southernmost band of the site for greater privacy. It offers smaller scaled garden rooms, semi-enclosed by hedges or feature walls to provide intimate landscape experiences. A dynamic, engaging and brilliantly colored children’s play area caters to multiple age groups with a variety of seating elements.

▼色彩亮丽的儿童游戏区,The brilliantly colored children’s play area

9. Children's play Beiqijia Technology Business District by Martha Schwartz Partners


Since LEED Gold accreditation was desired, parameters were observed in the landscape strategy to address sustainable urban drainage, proposed harvesting and reuse of stormwater run-off, plus reduction of urban heat island effect by increasing the green ratio. A long, curving water feature separates, like a scythe, the private residential zone from public buildings. Designed to utilize harvested, treated rainwater collected from the site, this large-scaled water element is a focal point and creates a relaxing experience for residents and visitors alike. Microclimates of the different zones were managed by screening north-westerly winter winds and south-easterly summer winds, which are further cooled by passing over the large shallow water feature. The site includes a demonstration zone completed in 2013 with an accompanying show garden. This allowed a testing ground for materials and plants and permitted the fine-tuning of the design and construction of bespoke furniture and structures.

▼园区北侧入口夜景,North Gateway at night

7. North Gateway at night Beiqijia Technology Business District by Martha Schwartz Partners

▼园区西侧入口与构筑物夜景,West Gateway sculpture at night

8. West Gateway sculpture at night Beiqijia Technology Business District by Martha Schwartz Partners

▼总平面图,Site plan

Z:ProjectsBTB1304 Beiqijia Technology Business District Beijin

▼雨水收集与处理,Water collection treatment

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Project Data
Name: Beiqijia Technology Business District
Location: Beijing, China
Client: Beijing Ningke Real Estate
Landscape Architect: Martha Schwartz Partners
Architect: RTKL
Size: 60 hectares
Environmental Rating: LEED Gold
Completion: 2016

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