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Black Void Box

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▼建筑外观,办公室共四层,external view of the four-floor office

The vision space in the Beijing garden art park is a “black” building, it has four layers which combine multiple areas of different functions:The first layer – The visual and taste experience space;The second layer – An independent bookstore;The third layer – Studio;The fourth layer – Creative incubatorarea.Visual transmission and spatial flow are formed between each region through the opening of the floor, so that multiple intercommunication relationships are formed between each floor. The dynamic and visual relationship in the space is realized by the hollowing structure of different scales.

▼建筑外观,external view of the building



As the first layer of the visual and taste experience area, large area of interface and space is reserved for various upcoming exhibitions and activities. The hole on the top interconnects with the second floor visually, creating a peeping relationship. The stairway leading to the upper level is partly guided by a ramp, making the staircase from the first floor the starting point for an indoor stroll. It is an experimental space that is willing to open up for all creative ideas. Vision, taste, touch, even intuition, and infinitely waiting for the next one.


▼大面积活动空间,顶部洞口与二层产生视觉联系,large area space for activities, opening on the ceiling creates visual connection with the second floor

▼功能空间藏在黑色墙板后,functional space hidden behind the black walls

▼起始为坡道的楼梯引导人们漫游整个空间,staircase which started with a ramp leads people to explore the space


In the architectural space, the patio on the top brings natural light into the interior. Light expresses itself and projects on objects during the passage of time, leaving traces in the structure and surface and forming the entire interior courtyard of the space by the staircase and the adjacent area. Walking into the bookstore along the lines of light and the aroma of coffee, there seems to be a multi-dimensional dialogue between time and space in this bookstore space, which is dominated by ancient books and foreign modern books, and also collects and displays European classical copperplate paintings and some ancient books.

▼天窗将自然光引入室内,skylight brings natural light into the interior space

▼二层书店,book store on the second floor

一个银色旋转滑梯连接了2 层和3 层,它是整座极简、规整、厚重的混凝土质感的现实存在增添了一丝金属色的奇幻感。这种空间体验完美演绎了亚当斯《生命,宇宙以及一切》中的银色飞船它穿过温暖的晚风徐徐降落,犹如一段舒缓的科技芭蕾。

A silver spiral slide that connects the second and third layer which superinduces a slightest feeling of metallic fantasy to the simple, neat, heavy concrete reality. The experience space is a perfect rendering of Adams’s “Silver Spaceship” in “Life, the universe and everything“. It’s said that “It slowly descends through the warm evening breeze, like a soothing technological ballet.”

▼金属旋转滑梯为混凝土空间增添奇幻感,the silver spiral slide introduces a feeling of fantasy to the concrete space

▼滑梯连接二层和三层,the slide connects the second floor and the third floor

▼从金属滑梯滑下, sliding down through the metal slide

▼三层创新工作室,地面上的开洞与书店形成视觉联系,innovation studio on the third floor, openings on the floor provide glimpse to the space downstairs

VISION 办公室位于整个空间的最顶层,该空间与一处宽敞的室外露台紧密相连。同时,在自然光的拥抱下,各个界面上不同质感的黑色呈现出丰富的表情,并随着时间而发生变化。

The VISION office is on the top floor of the space, which is connected to a spacious outdoor patio. At the same time, the black with different textures on each interface presents a rich expression which changes with time under the embrace of natural light.

▼四层VISION办公室连接宽敞的室外露台,the VISION office on the forth floor connected with a spacious out door patio


The folded steel staircase cuts through the entire space, becoming a route from the virtual to the real. From one area to the next (Gallery or taste experience, bookstore and studio) to form a transitional moving line to make full use of space and time to complete an indoor journey.

▼折叠钢板楼梯贯通整个空间,the folded steel staircase cuts through the entire space



设计团队:王志峰、范 进、南鸿天、刘超


Project Name: Beijing Vision Experiment Space
Project Location:B009, Huayuanli Culture & Creation Center,Jinjiacunzhong Rd, Chaoyang Dist, Beijing, China
District, Beijing
Designer Office: A3 VISION
Design Team: Zhifeng WangHongtian NanJin Fan Chao Liu
Material list: Black steel plate, concrete, , grey bricks, wood plywood
Project Year: 2018.2
Project Area: 1125

Photographer:Schran Studio

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