Bazillion Apartment: Warm and Cold / YCL Studio

Textures and colors create different spaces for day and night.

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Bazillion 公寓是一个 45 平方米的开间。设计师根据昼夜的概念在空间中创造了清晰的界限,同时打破了住宅中传统的干湿分离方式,一堵瓷砖饰面的墙分开了起居与休息空间。公寓位于老城区一栋住宅楼内,业主是一个经常旅行的人,这个公寓是他在立陶宛短暂停留时的住所。

In the Bazillion apartment, YCL Studio has drawn a clear line between the day and the night program of this pied-à-terre for two, while simultaneously blurring the conventional division between the ‘wet’ and the ‘dry’ part of a dwelling. The compact apartment, which comprises 45 square meters, is essentially one open space divided into two by a single, ceramic-clad wall. The dwelling is located in a new residential building in the Old Town of Vilnius and has been commissioned by a frequent traveller, who uses it for short stays in the capital of Lithuania.

▼ 设计师按照昼夜不同的使用方式划分了空间,YCL Studio has drawn a clear line between the day and the night program ©Leonas Garbačauskas / AGROB BUCHTAL


In this apartment, the designers from YCL have made one clever adaptation to conquer and divide the space: an oblique wall which splits the interior into two equal parts, one containing the living area and kitchen, the other the bedroom and bathroom. The former is cool and light, the latter warm and massive. The cool part has a white wooden floor, a white ceiling and white walls, while the floor and walls of the warm part are covered in tiles in three shades of an earthy reddish brown. These tiles are chosen from AGROB BUCHTAL’s Goldline series. The concrete ceiling of this part of the apartment is painted as well, in a terra cotta colour close to those of the tiles.

▼ 起居和休息空间用不同颜色的材料区分,the living and resting area is defined by different colors and textures

▼ 起居室使用了清凉的白色,cool and light tone in the living room ©Leonas Garbačauskas / AGROB BUCHTAL

▼ 休息区使用的土红色瓷砖,warm part is covered in tiles in three shades of an earthy reddish brown ©Leonas Garbačauskas / AGROB BUCHTAL


The two contrasting parts of the interior are tied together by furniture in black, white and grey. The absence of any other colour than terra cotta has a strong effect, giving the slightly unusual impression of being in a partially coloured black-and-white movie.

▼ 黑白灰的家具将分离的空间整合在一起,the black and white furnitures bound the separate spaces together ©Leonas Garbačauskas / AGROB BUCHTAL


The contrast they have opted for, white wood versus terra-cotta-coloured ceramics, is not only strong in itself, but contains an intriguing twist as well. The conventional division in apartments is based on the presence, or absence, of running water. Usually the kitchen, bathroom and toilet are grouped together and often treated as a unit. In this case, the material of choice for the ‘wet’ part of a dwelling is not applied in the kitchen, while the bedroom is clad with ceramics.

▼ 浴室,the bathroom ©Leonas Garbačauskas / AGROB BUCHTAL

▼ 平面,Plan

Project: Bazillion Apartment, Vilnius
Size: 45 sq.m.
Completion: 2016
Architects/Designers: YCL Studio, Vilnius, Lithuania
Design Team: Tomas Umbrasas, Aidas Barzda, Tautvydas Vileikis, Rokas Kontvainis, Justė Surplytė
Ceramic Tiles: AGROB BUCHTAL, Schwarzenfeld, Germany
Photo Credits: Leonas Garbačauskas / AGROB BUCHTAL
Text: Hans Ibelings

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