Bathhouse, Karlshamn By White

A unique opportunity to swim in an indoor pool, outdoor pool or hopping into the water.

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卡尔斯港位于瑞典南部,这里美丽而狭长的海岸线使当地人维持着海上沐浴的习惯,而当地人所缺少的,就是这样一座可以在海上沐浴的建筑。Kallbadhusets Vänner组织联合赞助商和当地政府,一同帮助小镇促成了第一座海上沐浴建筑,实现了小镇居民全年海上沐浴的愿望。这栋海上沐浴建筑与人所熟知的公共浴室形式相同,它真正满足了人在建筑中沐浴,海上游泳,以及跳水等多种功能,打造了独特的生活体验。

Situated on a stretch of beautiful coastline in southern Sweden, it is not difficult to imagine why Karlshamn has had a long surviving tradition of bathing in the sea. The only element missing was a bathhouse, which is the quintessential symbol in Sweden for year round dips in the water. Kallbadhusets Vänner (Friends of the Bathhouse) is the local organisation and catalyst for the town to receive its first bathhouse. Together with local sponsors and the municipality, they were able to realise their collective long-time dream of offering a forum for enjoying the sea all year round. The public swimming hall, a well-known local establishment, is in close proximity to Kallbadhus; as a group, they form a truly unique opportunity to swim in an indoor pool, outdoor pool or hopping into the water from the new bathhouse.

▼远眺建筑,view from distance

▼建筑高于水平面三米,the architecture is three meters above the sea level


▼人可以从水中直接进入建筑,people could enter the bathhouse directly from the water


Kallbadhus – translating literally as “the cold bathhouse” – is located along a beach promenade and designed to a height of three metres above sea level. The sharply angled volume designed in wood straddles solid land and water while facing a free and open horizon. Two glulam beams work as the structure for a small bridge linking visitors to the entrance of the bathhouse from the beach.

▼傍晚的建筑,bathhouse in the dusk

▼来访者通过胶合木桥梁到达建筑,with a bridge connects the shoreline to the bathhouse


A common room with an adjoining terrace are flanked on one side by the women’s sauna and the opposite side is balanced with the men’s sauna. Designed to maximise the dramatic view of the bay, the saunas are located near the stairs for easy access into the cool water below. Sun terraces are designed to receive as much sun exposure as possible while simultaneously offering protection from the wind. The exterior facades are clad with a flat wood panelling treated with a grey-pigmented oil that will eventually give way to the wood’s own natural grey patina.

▼桑拿房享受海景,sauna enjoys a sea view

▼内部空间,the interior layout



Kallbadhus was rewarded with Karlshamns prestigious Architecture Award 2015.



Client: Kallbadhusets Vänner
Project Start/End: 2015
Completed: 2015
Area/Size: 200 m2
Cost: 8 million SEK
City: Karlshamn
Photographer/Illustrator: Bert Leandersson

More: White,更多关于他们请至:White on gooood

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