Bar TORÖ by Masquespacio

colors:purple;yellow and green mixed to express the Mediterranean bar

Project Specs


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Bar TORÖ is the last project by Masquespacio in Ibiza, Spain, commissioned by Servitur Group, the touristic management consultant behind hotel chain Typic Hotels.The concept of Bar TORÖ starts with the aim to develop a hospitality venue with a Mediterranean spirit, offering a service of a sports bar and Spanish tapas focused on an international clientele.

▼结合蓝紫色,松石绿和芥末黄三色搭配构成地中海风格酒吧,the Mediterranean bar mixing three colors: purple blue, turquoise green and mustard yellow

▼用竹子作为酒吧墙面和露台柱子的饰面装饰, bamboo on the main walls and columns from the terrace as finishes

▼一个巨大的松石绿阶梯型的座位在露台的角落,a big turquoise green cornered bench in the end of the bar


The space located at the end of San Antonio, contains more than 200 m2, mostly occupied by a terrace at the edge of the sea. For the design, Masquespacio seeks to give major importance to the exterior mixing three colors: purple blue, turquoise green and mustard yellow.This way, together with the use of plants the intention was to create a modern and cheerful design. On the other hand, through the furniture layout and its design the aim was to play with the sports & tapas bar concept using areas with high and low benches, as well as zones to relax for small and big groups. Using high benches above the aim was to increase the quantity of seating options with a sea view.

▼以蓝紫色和芥末黄为主色调的明亮的酒吧内部空间,a bright bar interior in shades of purple blue and mustard yellow

▼各色瓷砖混合搭配而成的吧台区域,the bar area mixed coloured ceramic tile

在露台的角落,设计师建造了一个巨大的阶梯型的座位,并搭配藤条座椅,这一设计让顾客感受到十足的地中海气息。这里可以借用西班牙的一句话 “吃,喝,跳舞,因为世界就要结束了”,来描述伊比沙岛的生活本质和愉快氛围。TORÖ酒吧正是通过这样一个独特、随和、充满活力的空间来展现伊比沙岛的独有魅力。从食谱安排到内部装饰,所有事物都体现了酒吧理念,与对伊比沙岛生活方式的理解。该项目中最有亮点的地方是用竹子作为酒吧墙面和露台柱子的饰面装饰,这是一种会让人联想到巴利阿里群岛的独特材料。

▼利用高脚凳和低脚凳来划分不同类型的放松空间,use high benches and low benches to differentiate different types of relaxation Spaces

▼舒适矮凳围合形成相对安静的交谈空间,comfortable low benches forming relatively quiet conversing space

At the end of the terrace you can see a big cornered bench mixed with rattan seats that clearly reminds us of the Mediterranean. Spanish quotes like ‘Eat, drink and dance, because the world is going to end’ are a clear reference to the essence and the joyful feeling lived in Ibiza. TORÖ traduces itself this way in a space that is singular, easygoing and full of live. From the recipes to the interior, everything answers to the same concept and the way of understanding life on the island of Ibiza.To stand out lastly is the use of bamboo on the main walls and columns from the terrace, being a material that is a reference if you think about the beautiful island of the Balearics.

▼露台角落阶梯式座位细节,details of the cornered bench

▼竹子装饰外墙与植物相互映衬,The bamboo exterior walls complement the plants

Client: TORÖ
Calle Álaba (155,05 km)
Instagram: @torobaribiza
Design: Masquespacio
Instagram: @masquespacio_ana
Instagram: @masquespacio_chris
Photography: Luis Beltran
Surface: 220 m2

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