Bent and Twisted Wood Art Furniture Design by Bar Gantz

Furniture made of steam-bent and twisted wood。

Project Specs


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Wood Bending



Steam bending is a wood-working technique of heating strips of wood using a steam box. The applied heat and moist makes the wood pliable to easily bend around a former to create a specific shape. When I was first introduced to this technology, I immediately saw the potential, as well as the magic. I fell in love with the idea to bring back to life old, traditional and ecological expertise. 

Over the last few months I have been researching the subject thoroughly and trying to find my own ways of creativity to form different products. The two main parameters I am focusing on are the thickness of the wood and the angle of the bend. Wood bending composes of mainly bending the wood, however, I found the twisting of the wood fascinating and implemented this into every product. The big challenge in my work is to adjust the esthetical part of the twist to be functional and useful for the structure of the product. 

▼ 作品,Products

11-Bar Gantz_steam bending_the colection


The Coffee Table


Built from 3 similar wood bend strips. All the strips are bent at first to a U shape holding in the center the top surface of the coffee table. The table legs are slightly twisted and touch the other strip next to it to form a strong and steady leg. 

The twisting of the table legs is considered to be pushing the raw material to its extent. Bending the wood almost to 90 degrees from the original state. 

03-Bar Gantz_steam bending_coffee table

02-Bar Gantz_steam bending_coffee table (3)      01-Bar Gantz_steam bending_coffee table (2)


The Stool


There are a few stages in the creation of the stool. First, bending two strips together in a U shape, using only one form. After this, a triangle form was used in order to separate the strips from each other and this is how the legs were made and stabilized. Lastly, another bended wood was inserted to hold the legs in position. 

14-Bar Gantz_steam bending_trestle

13-Bar Gantz_steam bending_trestle (3)      12-Bar Gantz_steam bending_trestle (2)


The Mirror



One long strip of wood bent gently in order to hold a round mirror. The two ends of the wooden strip are twisted slightly in order to be pressed against the wall when hanging. To hold the mirror firmly, a thin slit is cut from the strip in the centre of wood. 

This product is the gentlest and non-aggressive wood bending out of my range of items. 

06-Bar Gantz_steam bending_miroor+shelf

04-Bar Gantz_steam bending_miroor (2)


The Shelf


One long strip of wood, bent on both edges. The middle part is to be used for modern shelving solutions. The uniqueness of the shelf is that the edges are slightly twisted and can be self- attached to a wall with no hanging accessories, keeping the shelf at a very clean and elegant look. 

08-Bar Gantz_steam bending_shelf (3)

09-Bar Gantz_steam bending_shelf      07-Bar Gantz_steam bending_shelf (2)

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