Shan Cafe, Beijing by Robot 3


Project Specs

Design Firm:

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This project is located in the east side of Beijing Jing Park Art Center. Owners want to use the office of a first layer and the second layer to make a “free Cafe”. People want to come here freely alone, free exchange. Since the owners first store at the foot of the Fragrant Hills , so the store downtown also want to be able to smell the “mountain” flavor.



This project total budget has fallen below the bottom line, So just the most common building materials to build a space. Interesting is the first floor is 3.8 meters high, First floor seems high. If this layer is made of two layers to grow shorter. Down the center of the room dig a meter,so that we can build a sandwich. First on the mezzanine and then dug into this “negative one” like into the same mountains. Another mezzanine space dwarf, only sitting or lying on the inside, Three or two people in here is a good place to chat.

A stairs leading to the second floor had a log cabin, the stairs hid behind huts. The second layer is very natural. I made a metal shelf, shelf filled with plants, feeling, there are wind, comfortable.




Location: Beijing China
Area: 600㎡
Design office: Robot3 design
Architects: Panfei,ShaoZhibang,WangXiaoxi
Completion: 2015

More: Robot 3 Studio ,更多关于他们:Robot 3 on gooood.