Bamboo Bridge in Zhongcun Village, Zhejiang by Low-Tech Lab (LOW)

a low-cost bridge hiding in the deep mountains

Project Specs


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Situated at bottom of Siming Mountain in Zhongcun Village, Yuyao, Zhejiang, where Hemudu, one of the oldest civilization in the human history, originated. The villiage is seperated by a rivulet, along which TreeWow development, an ecological primtive treehouse resort, distributes. A pedastrian bridge in between is needed. The requirment from the client for the bridge is to be coherent with the primitive and ecological theme, and at the same time, with low budget and short construction period. Structure, construction and budget are considered as parameters throughout the design process.

▼竹桥外观,the exterior view


The site is abundant with bamboo and once many skilled bamboo artisans in the village. To rivive the perishing bamboo craftsmanship, the design is revolved around the use of bamboo, structurally and decoratively. Bamboo is a very sustainable and resilient material. However, it is rarely used in the modern construction because its non-standardized size and joints, unlike wood. To fully explore the potential of bamboo, artisan’ knowledge is included into the design process in the beginning. The local artisan, eighty-four-year-old Mr. Guozhi Yu partook a crucial role in the initial phase of design to fully inform the design team of the construction details. Because of the different accents, the profesionally-trained architecture team of LOW and the expeirence-based artisan communicated majorly through drawings and models.

▼竹桥模型,the model

▼竹桥与青山融为一体,the bridge’s curving figure blends with the landscape

▼穿行于竹桥间望见不同的风景,the views changing while stepping along the bridge


The project integrates modern aesthetics in the minimal form of the railing and inherited bamboo craftsmanship in the elaborate bamboo arch structure. The form of the railing is inspired by the image of the thousand-year-old stone arch bridge, White Cloud Bridge and its reflection in the water, the elegance and serenity of it. The form is also defined by human experience. As visitors crosses the bridge from one side to another, the eyes follow the railing, being guided to different views: the mountain in the distance, the rivulet under the bridge and the treehouses in the end.

▼竹桥概念来自当地另一座桥,the concept comes from an existing bridge


Low-Tech Lab (LOW) offers an sysmetic solution for modern rural construction and explores the design method that integrates material, structure and construction. As the result, the cost and construction period is reduced to the minimum. The bridge was constructed in 25 days and only cost 26000 RMB (approximate 3700USD), 5000 RMB for material and 21000 RMB for labor. 

▼造价低廉,易于施工,the low-cost bridge could be quickly constructed

▼夜景,night view

▼视线分析图,sight analysis

▼分解轴测图,exploded axonometric


▼平、立面图,plan and elevations

▼结构分析图,structural analysis

Lead Architects: Jiuqiang Sun 孙久强
Project location: Zhongcun, Yuyao, Zhejiang, China 中国浙江省余姚中村
Completion Year: 2017
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 22 square meters
Photo credits: Chao Ma 马超
Other participants
项目建筑师: Chao Ma, Jiaqing Yao 马超、姚家庆
项目团队: 孟斯、周静微、钱知洋、胡彤、刘超群、陶虹屹、郑呈晨、董妍初
施工指导:Low-Tech Lab( LOW) 低技术实验室(LOW)

More: 来自 低技术实验室 对gooood的分享。联系他们,更多请至:Low-Tech Lab (LOW) on gooood 

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