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Axel Madrid酒店位于马德里“Barrio de Las Letras”社区一座改造后的18世纪宫殿中,设计师在这里发现了两个隐藏在建筑地下的拱顶空间。Bala Perdida (遗失子弹) 夜店就位于这个充满刺激性而又隐秘的地方。

Hidden in the underground of the Madrilenian neighborhood “Barrio de Las Letras” (today a neuralgic point of the city), under a refurbished palace of the eighteenth century where Hotel Axel Madrid is located, we find two vaulted spaces built in brick. It is in this provocative and secret location, where the Bala Perdida (Lost Bullet) Club is located.

▼夜店内部空间概览,interior view of the club


▼空间能够满足多功能的需求-白天夜店作为小吃和鸡尾酒吧,the changing lighting meets the multifunctional requirements-the night club can work as a snack and cocktail bar during daytime

▼夜晚灯光变化,场地迅速转化为夜店空间,the lighting shift at night and the place can quickly switch into a night club

We had two main design premises. On the one hand the singularity of the existing space, with two subterranean dark vaults built in brick, as antique caves or cellars. On the other hand , the proposed venue, a night club that should have the versatility to work as a snack and cocktail bar, where a fast mutation would happen at some point of the night and the general scenery would quickly switch from a warm atmosphere into a lysergic dance floor. This need of transformation and that kind of clandestine atmosphere made us think of a space with a close relation to mystery where we could not omit the magic and the optical illusions.The key aspect of the project was the use of two protagonist elements. On one hand, the mirrors, which were placed on both ends of each vault, producing an optical illusion known as the “endless mirror”. When facing two mirrors, the reflection of one on the other makes the reflected image, the image of the vault, become infinite. This effects make the vaults turn into endless tunnels.

▼拱顶空间两端放置的镜子让空间和拱顶产生一种无穷无尽的感觉,the mirrors which were placed on both ends of each vault, produce an endless effect of the space and the vault


Another highlight is the changing lighting. Therefore, being light and color a protagonists to the project. At the axis of the two vaults we proposed two longitudinal dynamic led lamps casted among the suspended acoustic panels that change speed and color depending on the different scenes at the venue. Also, the drink-bar works as a lamp itself, providing a warm fire toned light that serves as a basis for the playful lights in the surfaces of the vaults.

▼纵向的动态led灯具嵌在悬挂的吸音板之间,能够变换颜色和闪烁的频率, longitudinal dynamic led lamps are casted among the suspended acoustic panels that can change speed and color

▼酒水吧台本身也是一个闪烁着火焰一样温暖光芒的独特灯具,与拱顶表面动态光线互为呼应,the drink-bar works as a lamp itself providing a warm fire toned light that serves as a basis for the playful lights in the surfaces of the vaults



Location: Calle de Atocha, 49 – 28012, Madrid
Client: HI Partners, Grup Iglesias
Floor Area: 250 m.
EL EQUIPO CREATIVO _ Oliver Franz Schmidt + Natali Canas del Pozo + Lucas Echeveste Lacy
Photography: Adri. Goula /

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