Baidu International Building, China by CCDI Dongxiying Studio

High-rise buildings re-participating in the daily life of outdoor life

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▼项目概览,Overall View  ©方健

Since its birth at the end of the 19th century, high-rise office buildings have been providing a unique perspective to examine and observe the city. No matter how urgent the need for capital to pursue efficiency is, high-rise office buildings should not abandon their identity as carriers of future urban life. Baidu International Building was originally designed to allow high-rise buildings to re-participate in the daily life of outdoor life and become an important carrier to guide the use of space. Architects pay more attention to the evolutionary possibility of these spaces than creating a beautiful but rigid memorial scene.

▼鸟瞰图,Aerial View  ©方健

▼西立面街景,West View  ©颜世宁


▼东塔立面图,Front View of East Tower  ©方健

The design team set a bold and creative goal to create a brand-new office building for Baidu employees that can walk out of the work area and touch nature at any time. In order to realize this idea, we offset the core barrel on the east side of the plane, and implant a 12x18m trapezoidal hanging garden on the west side with 8 floors as units. Each 4 floors of units are overlapped alternately to form a continuous “green zipper”, which gives the building a very unique appearance. Between different staggered platforms, the viewing staircase vertically connects the external space of the building in series, breaking the barriers between floors, allowing the space to be free and continuous, presenting a porous, continuous and open vertical gap. Without explaining the use of space, users can explore it spontaneously and realize the instantaneity of indoor and outdoor interaction.

▼建筑细部,details  ©颜世宁

▼梯形空中花园,trapezoidal hanging garden  ©方健


▼空中花园,sky garden  ©颜世宁

▼观景阶梯打破了层与层之间的壁垒,the viewing staircase breaking the barriers between floors  ©方健

▼办公区与户外花园仅一步之遥,the office area is only one step away from the outdoor garden  ©方健

Plane efficiency still needs to be paid attention to. Starting from Baidu’s own differentiated demand for office, the architect “thinned” the traditional central core tube into the deep office plane. The two long sides of the standard floor ensure the efficiency of the open office area. Supporting functions are deployed around the core barrel. Closely connected with the “core of vitality”, you can enter the sunny shared communication area and walk out of the building at any time. The office area is only one step away from the outdoor garden. The boundary of the experience space contacts with the efficiency space to the maximum extent, creating daily randomness and minimizing the difficulty of people contacting with the outdoor. These spaces fundamentally change the behavior mode of the closed office. Baidu International Building allows outdoor space to be actively involved in vertical scenes through space innovation. Facing the new problems and challenges emerging in China, this space strategy will become the best catalyst for examining realistic and unknown needs.

▼由办公室看向观景阶梯,view from the office to the outdoor staircase  ©方健

▼大堂中庭,lobby  ©颜世宁

▼一层平面图,1F plan


项目设计 & 完成年份:2011-2015

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