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The project of a wooden school’s playground for Evisa village is what could be called a «a far-reaching micro-project». It is a growing specific object as we discover it along the way. Indeed, it has a trans-generational vocation. It must be a place of shelter, memory, and memories. But it also has to be a learning subject telling about surroundings, a story and a know-how.

▼项目概览,overview © Orma architettura

▼项目位于石砌的操场之上,the project is located on a stone playground © Orma architettura


Evisa is a stone village, located at the foot of the Sevi pass, 830m above sea level, 70 km far from Ajaccio. As many inland villages, it has many economic and especially social and environnemental stakes reflecting the core of Corsica’s future sustainable developpement issues. Its architecture is characterized by massive buildings built through a very simple volumetric structure immersed in a forest of chestnut trees and laricio pines.

▼凉棚概览,the wooden awning overview © Orma architettura

▼凉亭近景,close shot© Orma architettura

▼凉亭内部视角,interior view © Orma architettura


▼结构细部,details © Orma architettura

▼内部空间概览,interior overview © Orma architettura

▼内部空间及天顶细部,interior space and the ceiling details © Orma architettura

The school’s covered playground is at the back of the courtyard which makes it looking like a multi-entenary chestnut tree where the power of an oversized trunk by time is supporting an imposing foliage. Corsican wood industry remains under-developed, with value-added limited, largely due to the lack of lumber kiln which could allow immediate use of the material. This project intends to provide immediate responses to this matter. New construction processes take therefore into account, for the first time in the corsican wood industry’history, the use of a glue-laminated wood with endemic corsican pine.

▼凉亭夜景,at night © Orma architettura

▼夜间视角,night view © Orma architettura


All stakeholders in the wood supplychain are certified PEFC starting with Evisa’s own certified public forest: a successful model of a short circulation.

▼建造过程,construction process © Orma architettura

▼总平面图,plan © Orma architettura

▼木制棚亭结构轴测图,axonometric drawing © Orma architettura

▼剖面图,section © Orma architettura

Client:Evisa Town Hall
Mandatory architects:Orma architettura
Design office:Teckicea
Location:20126, Evisa
Surface:100 m²
Amount:89,000 € HT
Carpentry company:The carpenters of Corsica
Wood Supplier:Wood from the municipal forest of Evisa

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