ÀTIC BLANC, Spain by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

recovering the potential of disused roofs

Project Specs


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Located in the center of Valencia, the project seeks to reinterpret the approach of this type of housing, recovering the potential of disused roofs. We like to think that each building takes away an open space from the city and gives it back on the roof.

▼视频简介,the video ©Jesús Orrico


The central access of the house allows the program to be organized in an orderly manner, on the one hand the day area, where a continuous space is articulated for the kitchen, dining room and living room. This space opens onto different terraces on both sides, favoring natural cross ventilation. The night area is located on the other side of the access. The axiality of the proposal appears in all of the rooms, and is enhanced by the arrangement of different elements, such as the linear lights on the ceiling, or the fixed furniture.

▼起居室,the living room ©Diego Opazo 

▼一侧的壁橱,closet on one side of the living room ©Diego Opazo 

▼起居室与露台相连,the living room connecting to the terrace ©Diego Opazo 

▼看向露台餐桌,view of the dining table on the terrace ©Diego Opazo 

▼从露台看起居空间,view of the living space from the terrace ©Diego Opazo 

▼屋顶开放空间,open space on the roof ©Diego Opazo 

▼中央交通井组织平面,the central access organizing spaces ©Diego Opazo 

▼沿轴线展开的空间,spaces along the axis ©Diego Opazo 

▼卧室与露台相连,bedroom connecting to the terrace ©Diego Opazo 

▼卧室书桌,bedroom desk ©Diego Opazo 

▼书房,study ©Diego Opazo 

▼卫生间,toilet ©Diego Opazo 


The terrace is understood as a kind of atrium open to the sky, seeking the feeling of being in an isolated building from which to contemplate the city of Valencia. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to live with the spatial quality and scale of a small village in the center of cities? Rooftops are like another city that exists above the one we know. Alvaro Siza

▼线性灯具增强轴线感,linear lights on the ceiling enhance the axiality ©Diego Opazo 

▼看向通道另一侧的夜间区域,view of the night area on the other side of the access ©Diego Opazo


▼住宅夜景,night view ©Diego Opazo 

▼从露台俯瞰城市,being in an isolated building, overlooking the city ©Diego Opazo 

▼露天泳池,open swimming pool ©Diego Opazo 


PROJECT TEAM: Fran Silvestre | Project Architect, Ricardo Candela| Project Architect, Rosa Juanes | Project Architect, Sevak Asatrián | Project Architect
VIDEO: Jesús Orrico
COLLABORATOR: María Masià | Collaborating Architect
Pablo Camarasa | Collaborating Architect
Carlos Lucas | Collaborating Architect
Estefanía Soriano | Collaborating Architect
Rubén March | Collaborating Architect
Jose Manuel Arnao | Collaborating Architect
Andrea Baldo | Collaborating Architect
Ángel Pérez | Collaborating Architect
Miguel Massa | Collaborating Architect
Paloma Feng | Collaborating Architect
Alicia Simón | Collaborating Designer
Gino Brollo | Collaborating Architect MArch Arquitectura y Diseño
Angelo Brollo | Collaborating Architect, MArch Arquitectura y Diseño
Bruno Mespulet | Collaborating Architect, MArch Arquitectura y Diseño
Javi Herrero | Collaborating Architect
Alba Gonzalez | Collaborating Architect
Paco Chinesta | Collaborating Architect
Sabrina D’amelio | Collaborating Architect
Facundo Castro | Collaborating Architect, MArch Arquitectura y Diseño
Sandra Insa | Collaborating Architect
Gemma Aparicio | Collaborating Architect
Ana de Pablo | Financial Manager
Sara Atienza | Marketing Manager
Elena Guijarro | Técnico de Marketing
LOCATION: Valencia

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