Astral Bodies by ENORME Studio + Vitamin-Arte + Finsa

The new MDF boards create meteorolite sculptures

Project Specs


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据估计,每年都有数百颗大小不同的陨石进入地球表面。实际上,自古以来,人们便对这些陨石怀有喜爱之情和极大的好奇心……数千年后,ENORME Studio通过FINSA的新材料Fibracolour,以陨石为主题,进行了一系列实验性设计研究。设计者在彩色的中密度纤维板(MDF boards)上覆以最为充满生机的颜色、纹理和饰面,最终完成了这个名为“星体(Astral Bodies)”的雕塑展览项目。值得一提的是,本项目的沉浸式体验由Vitamin-Arte设计创造。

It is estimated that hundreds of meteorites of different sizes enter the Earth’s surface every year. Since ancient times they have generated admiration and curiosity in equal parts … Thousands of years later, these meteorites are the subject of experimentation by ENORME Studio through FINSA’s new material, Fibracolour. MDF coloured boards covered with the most exuberant colours, textures and finishes that have shaped the Astral Bodies project. The inmersive experience of this project has been created by Vitamin-Arte.

▼“星体”展览局部,partial view of the Astral Bodies


以创造力为工具,以Fibracolour 板为材料
Creativity Is The Tool And Fibracolour Is The Material


Fibracolour offers new possibilities in decoration and interior design world. This DM coloured in mass provides aesthetic and functional novelties. It can be covered with natural veneer or melamine, and allows the application of textures on the surface. The treatment of its surface with lacquers, waxes and varnishes is also a new posibility to work with this new material. Since it is mass coloured allows pantography, mechanization and leaves the board core as an aesthetic value.

▼星体展览局部,采用新型的彩色中密度纤维板,partial view of the Astral Bodies with new MDF colored boards


Names For Otherworldly Elements


When a meteorite touches earth it is baptized with the name where it was found. This is the case of Auria, Baroña, Cervo, Ézaro, Allariz, Herbón, Elviña, Sálvora and Trevinca. They represent the places of Galician geography where the astral bodies landed on their arrival to earth. The composition of each of the astral bodies is detailed so that the viewer can contemplate that each of the pieces are formed. Each meteor tells the story that has brought it to earth, in addition, we can contemplate the type of material that is in each of them.

▼星体展览局部,每颗星体都以其降落在地球上的位置而命名,partial view of the Astral Bodies, each Astral Body is named after where it was found


Auria is the meteorite that has fallen in the city of Ourense, hence its composition of yellow and black Fibracolour, reminiscent of the ancient Roman excavations of the city.

▼星体展览局部,partial view of the Astral Bodies

Allariz星体由灰色的Fibracolour板材和Lila Hawaii三聚氰胺板组成,灵感来源于遍布的城市花园中生动而迷人的色彩。同样地,滑石绿色和黑色的Fibracolour板材组成了Herbón星体。这个名字来源于Padrón自治区,在这里,胡椒类产品是最具特色的一个元素。

In Allariz the vivid and attractive colors of the multitude of gardens that flood the city are the inspiration to recreate this gray Fibracolour meteorite and the Lila Hawaii melamine design. Likewise, the talcum green and the black Fibracolour make up Herbón. The meteorite takes its name from this municipality of Padrón, where the production of peppers is its differentiating element.

▼Herbón星体及其他星体,Herbón星体由滑石绿色和黑色的Fibracolour板构成,the Herbón and other Astral Bodies, Herbón is composed of the talcum green and the black Fibracolour

最后,设计师创造出了Trevinca星体,它也是由Finsa举办的“星体”展览中最受欢迎的一个陨石星体雕塑,其名字来自于加利西亚最高的山峰。它由黑色的Fibracolour板材组成,是Finsa与ENORME Studio和Vitamin-arte所共同创造的这个星体世界中所关注的焦点之一。

Finally, we find Trevinca, the highest meteorite in the Astral Bodies By Finsa exhibition, which takes its name from the highest mountain in Galicia. Composed of black Fibracolour, this piece will be one of the focuses of attention of this astral world that we have created together with ENORME Studio and Vitamin-arte.

▼Trevinca星体及其他星体,Trevinca星体寓意最高的山峰,由黑色的Fibracolour板组成,Trevinca and other Astral Bodies, Trevinca takes its name from the highest mountain, and is composed of black Fibracolour


On the shore of the Atlantic Ocean is the castro of Baroña, one of the oldest Celtic settlements in Galicia. Another of our meteorites takes the name of this millennial site and is inspired by its different heights and infinite views. Also on the coast is Cervo, a small town full of color and vitality gives its name to a meteorite composed of red, gray, anthracite gray and black Fibracolour.

▼Cervo星体局部,由红色、灰色、无烟煤灰色和黑色的Fibracolour板构成,partial view of Cervo that is composed of red, gray, anthracite gray and black Fibracolour


The gray Fibracolour, together with the Terracota Nova melamine design, are the protagonists of Ézaro, one of the meteorites with the most personality. Its colors transport the visitor to the area of cliffs and waterfalls more known in the region. Similarly, in the province of A Coruña, we find the district of Elviña, a population that maintains a great relationship with the academic world is composed of many layers of gray Fibracolour, which give a monolith perspective to a piece full of forms and subtleties.

▼星体局部,partial view of the Astral Bodies

此外,另一个新的陨石星体名为Sálvora岛,这个岛屿以其海滩、悬崖和野生动物而闻名,因此,设计师使用黑色的Fibracolour板材和薄木片,就像Palisandro Mumbai、Kandy Ebony和Lebanon Cedar等那样,以自然的方式将这二者组合起来。

Another new meteorite, named as Sálvora Island, famous for its beaches, cliffs and wildlife, is composed of black Fibracolour and veneers in a natural way such as Palisandro Mumbai, Kandy Ebony and Lebanon Cedar.

▼Sálvora星体局部,使用黑色的Fibracolour板材和薄木片,partial view of Sálvora that is composed of black Fibracolour and veneers

Design: ENORME Studio
Interaction Design: VITAMIN-ARTE
Material Provided: Finsa
Place: SUPERDESIGN Show. Superstudio Piú. Via Tortona, 27. Milano 20144.
Date: 9-14 april

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