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The softness and the hardness

Project Specs


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“Lightness comes out of simplicity and vice versa.” – Francesc Rifé

▼鞋店首层室内,interior view of ground floor of the store ©David Zarzoso


The studio sought to evolve the design concept created for the ASH footwear company through an essential and reductionist aesthetic language. This time, a conscious and austere selection of materials defines the shape and configuration of space. The hardness of the concrete gives way to the softness of the fabric and the virtues of the curved lines compete with bold footwear proposals with a great personality.

▼地下室空间概览,柔软的织物缓解了混凝土所带来的冷硬感,overview of the basement, the hardness of the concrete gives way to the softness of the fabric ©David Zarzoso


A light pink textile layer unfolds over the body of the shop and emotionally connects the ground floor with the basement. The lightness of this main element generates constant and spontaneous movements throughout the project, feeling it romantic and lively. It is also an opportunity to provide texture, color, brightness and to trace the new curves of the whole space as limits.

▼地下室空间,墙体表面覆盖着一个浅粉色的织物层,the basement, a light pink textile layer unfolds over the body of the shop ©David Zarzoso


The moderation of the concrete, which covers the rest of the surfaces, seeks to achieve, once again, the maximum with the minimum. Platforms that follow the fabric lines and shelves designed in this same material provide neutral stages for product display. Some interferences in the form of suspended elements, made in a blue sheet metal, give life to the sinuous path of the bases, creating different levels of display. In them, the light source is always hidden to focus all attention on whatever it is lighting.

▼混凝土台面沿着弧线形的墙面布置,the concrete platforms follow the fabric lines ©David Zarzoso

▼悬挂的展架和从墙壁上挑出的置物板产生了多层次的展示效果,the suspended elements and shelves on the wall create different levels of display ©David Zarzoso

▼悬挂在天花板上的展架由蓝色的金属板制成,the suspended elements are made in a blue sheet metal ©David Zarzoso

▼从墙壁上挑出的置物板,shelves on the wall ©David Zarzoso


The drawing of the lower floor does not correspond to the upper floor, so the design of a spiral staircase is the result of the structural logic of the building rather than the aesthetics. Its shape makes of it –without intending to– an outstanding and significant element that can be intuited from the outside. This is possible thanks to a glazed façade framed in a dark color that seeks to highlight the interior to the maximum, bringing light and generating curiosity.

▼为了满足结构逻辑,在空间中置入了一个螺旋楼梯,the design of a spiral staircase is the result of the structural logic of the building ©David Zarzoso

▼混凝土打造而成的螺旋楼梯,是鞋店的一个空间特色,the concrete spiral staircase that is an outstanding and significant element in the store ©David Zarzoso

▼楼梯扶手和墙面细节,details of the handrail and wall surface ©David Zarzoso

exterior view of the store with a glazed façade framed in a dark color ©David Zarzoso

▼平面布置图,layout plans ©Francesc Rifé Studio

Photos: David Zarzoso
Dimensions: 95 square meters
Technical Lighting: Arkoslight
Construction Company: Montaggio

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更多关于他们:Francesc Rifé Studio on gooood


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