Artron Art Center, Shenzhen by URBANUS

URBANUS designs a one-stop multi-service printing facility and cultural center.

Project Specs


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Artron is the foremost printing enterprise in China. As the core project of Artron’s printing culture industry, the Artron art website is actively setting up to create archives for artists. Moreover, since the site is at the periphery of the city, the art center will need to be conceived with a one-stop multi-service printing facility and cultural center.

▼ 鸟瞰,birdview

03_bird eye close_DJI_0011_wdy


The site of Shenzhen’s Artron Art Center is located on the city edge, surrounded by three highways.  In order to keep away from the noisy and chaotic environment, the building is idealized to be a landmark to define this area. Since the main view of this building will come from the three adjacent highways, the building shape should be continuous and integrated with the large-scale urban infrastructure to form a dialogue between the two.

▼ 建筑被三条高速公路包围,the Artron Art Center is surrounded by three highways

02_bird eye 1_DJI_0017_wdy

▼ 草图,sketch

Artron-02 sketch by Meng Yan


Taking into account the volume as a whole, the architects must think about how to digest this huge volume. On the one hand, on the premise of integrity and continuity, the gaps between the different parts of the volumes were created to bring people the comfortable visual impression when walking in this territory. On the other hand, a triangular plot was reserved as a public park on the corner of the site to improve the urban environment. Observing from this small park, each side of this building is different. For the inner space of this building, the wreathed volume encloses an inner sky garden connecting art center, printing factory, office, the ground public space and is shared by the different departments. This inner sky garden blocks the noise from the outside.

▼ 建筑在每个侧面的表情各不相同,each side of this building is different

04_ele_WPRO 20160205 sz_0068_wdy

04_ele_DJI_0053_wdy     04_ele_2033-add_ac


For the internal organization of space, the art gallery was isolated from the public functions on the ground floor and placed in parallel with the corporate headquarters. Elevating those two parts to the top floor, the art museum has the chance to create the effect of an independent art space. The big move created opportunities to provide multiple choices for traveling in different routes to create a rich internal experience.

▼ 盘旋环绕的建筑形体围合出共享的空中花园,the wreathed volume encloses an inner sky garden




▼ 室外平台空间,terraces


05_courtyard-2_0906_151117_zyl     05_courtyard-1_9195_ac

▼ 轴测图,axonometric drawing


▼ 装订车间,bookbinding

06_interiorr-4_printing room_6739_ac

▼ 制版车间,plate making


▼ 美术馆,gallery exhibition


▼ 办公空间,office


▼ 书墙,bookwall



▼ 模型,model

Artron-01 Model

▼ 总平面图,site plan

Artron-01 sitemap

▼ 一层,first floor

Artron-03 drawings_1f

▼ 三层,third floor

Artron-03 drawings_3f

▼ 四层,forth floor

Artron-03 drawings_4f

▼ 五层,fifth floor

Artron-03 drawings_5f

▼ 书墙设计,the bookwall

Artron-03_exploded_atrium archive

Artron-04 Atrium Archive-drawing by Wendell

项目建筑师:饶恩辰 | 魏志姣(景观)
项目组:熊嘉伟 梁广发 吴春英 艾芸 孙艳花 黄志毅(建筑)| 林挺 于晓兰 刘洁 陈丹平 黄陈航(景观)| 姚殿斌(技术总监)

建筑面积:41,504㎡ (地上约36,876㎡,地下约4,628㎡)

室内合作:Wendell Burnette Architects | 极尚建筑装饰设计
摄影师:陈冠宏 吴其伟 王大勇

Artron Art Center

Principle Architect: Meng Yan
Project Manager: Zhou Yalin
Project Architect: Rao Enchen (Architecture) | Wei Zhijiao (Landscape)
Team: Xiong Jiawei, Liang Guangfa, Wu Chunying, Ai Yun, Sun Yanhua, Huang Zhiyi (Architecture) | Lin Ting, Yu Xiaolan, Liu Jie, Chen Danping, Huang Chenhang (Landscape) | Yao Dianbin (Technical Director)

Project Location: Shenyun Rd. 19, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Project Period: 2008-2015
Project Status: Under Construction
Site Area: 12,535㎡
Floor Area: 41,504㎡

Client: Shenzhen Artron Colour Printing Co.,Ltd.
Interior Design Collaborators: Wendell Burnette Architects | Artmost Design and Construction Co.,Ltd.
Structural Collaborators: Guangzhou RBS Architecture Engineer Design Associates
Mechanical Collaborators: Shenzhen Tianyu Dynamo-electric Engineering Design Firm
Facade Consultant: ECO Building Facade Technologies Ltd.
Photographers: Alex Chan, Wu Qiwei, Wang Dayong

MORE: 都市实践  URBANUS ,更多关于他们: URBANUS on gooood

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