Serene Residence in a Bustling City: The Renovation of a Little House in a Historical Neighborhood of Guangzhou, China by URBANUS

From trapped in a distress situation to a serene residence in a bustling city

Chinese University of Hong Kong(Shenzhen) Phase II Schematic Design by NODE + URBANUS + TAO + ARCHI-UNION

Harmony in diversity

gooood book: Reading List of Modernism and Contemporary City by Wang Hui from URBANUS

(Only in Chinese)Books that bring architects to the start line of contemporary design.

The Grand Canal Creative Center, China by URBANUS

A Factory Building, A Palace

Map Game by URBANUS

Forty-nine Stories in the “Four Nine City”

Renovation of Nantou Old Town and Architectural Design of UABB Venue, China by URBANUS

Village/City: coexistence and regeneration in Nantou

CGN Headquarters Building, China by URBANUS

To integrate the urban blocks separated by islet-like buildings

Longgang Chuangtou Tower Lighting Design, Shenzhen by GD-Lighting Design

The Rhyme of Light

Little Ant Shadow Play Troupe by URBANUS

This design seeks to use contemporary design concept in order to create a new social stage for the disabled.

The Design of the Five-Dragons Temple Environmental Improvement, Shanxi, China by URBANUS

The temple transforms from an isolated heritage to a museum fitting into villagers’ lives.