Two-in-one courtyard, China by URBANUS

Renovation project of 72 courtyard in the east Hutong of Baita Temple

Ban Xue Gang Art Center and Surrounding Block Architecture Conceptual Design, China by URBANUS

The 1st place of the international competition: echoing the mountain, extending the park

Botanic Garden for International Horticultural Exhibition 2019, China by URBANUS

“The Incredible Intelligence of the Plant”

Yuehai Community Culture and Sports Center, China by URBANUS

Break the boundaries of horizontal space and insert flexible public functions.

SHUM YIP UpperHills LOFT in Shenzhen, China by URBANUS

Artificial mountain volumes and a small town with rich spatial variation

Serene Residence in a Bustling City: The Renovation of a Little House in a Historical Neighborhood of Guangzhou, China by URBANUS

From trapped in a distress situation to a serene residence in a bustling city

Chinese University of Hong Kong(Shenzhen) Phase II Schematic Design by NODE + URBANUS + TAO + ARCHI-UNION

Harmony in diversity

gooood book: Reading List of Modernism and Contemporary City by Wang Hui from URBANUS

(Only in Chinese)Books that bring architects to the start line of contemporary design.

The Grand Canal Creative Center, China by URBANUS

A Factory Building, A Palace

Map Game by URBANUS

Forty-nine Stories in the “Four Nine City”