Breathtaking artificial starry sky created by LED lights combined with interactive devices.

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Do you still remember the crazy guy named NutBrother, who spent 100 days walking around Beijng with a vacuum cleaner during last smoggy winter? The dust he collected was made into a brick and put into a renovated wall in a Hutong? After the famous project “Smog Brick”, he chose to leave the spotlight and move back to Shenzhen. This year his team is launching a new project – Artificial Sky.

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Data shows that more than 60% of the people in the world have never seen the Milky Way at night. Looking up at a starry sky has become an elusive luxury, especially for people living in cities shrouded by haze and light pollution day and night. This year, NutBrother’s team is committed to build a pure “Artificial Sky”.

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“人造星空” 首展于2016年10月空降深圳龙岗,整片“星空”约400平方米,穹顶至高9米,布局模拟北半球星空分布。半椭圆球体天幕上分层铺设3000多个节能灯模拟光源,光源经过黑镜反射后呈现出7000多颗“星辰”。展览结合光、影、声、色,调动参与者的多种感官,利用智能交互设备,营造浸入式体验。

The first exhibition of “Artificial sky” was launched in Shenzhen in October 2016. The whole “Sky” spanned 400 square meters with a dome of 9 meters in height. The layout of the “sky” was based on the star map of the northern hemisphere. Over 3000 LED lights were layered on the semi-elliptical sphere, and people could see over 7000 “stars” from lights reflecting from the black mirror on the ground. Combined with intelligent interactive devices, the exhibition integrated light, shadow, colour, and sound together, creating an immersive experience for the participants.

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Participants had to be couples, with no restriction on gender. Entering a pitch black, quiet night, they slowly spoke out the “magic codes” which could be positive or negative to switch the “stars” on or off. There were 1001 “magic codes” to create different skies. All the “stars” would be on once the critical “magic code” was spoken, leading the participants to the centre of the galaxy. What was amazing is the interactive installation took the couple through a series of feelings -loneliness, quiet, surprise, reflection, romance, rebirth during the ten minute period.

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本次首展构思近两年,建造用时不到一个月,赞助商林展集团、深圳龙岗政府、施工工人、坚果团队数百余人夜以继日。展期仅仅一周,在未做任何大肆宣传下,吸引数千名人前来观展。“人造星空” 深圳首展仅是个开始,2017年坚果兄弟团队将带着他们的“星空”巡展世界。 你是否也期待在你的城市看到一片星空?

Conceived over two years, the entire project took only one month to construct. The sponsors Lin Zhan Group, Shenzhen Longgang government, the NutBrother team and scores of volunteers worked day and night to fulfil the project. The exhibition attracted thousands of people in one week without any advertisement. The first “Artificial Star” in Shenzhen is just the start. In 2017, NutBrother and his team are planning to create the “Sky” to other cities around the world. Are you also expecting to see the “Sky” in your city?

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NutBrother, currently lives in Shenzhen, China. Focusing on the experience of urban living in the modern world, his art practice aims to show the social metaphor of material space, evoking people’s reflection toward the living environment. His other pieces include “ 99 Person Library”, “Meaningless Company”, “Million of Stone” etc.
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