Art Pavilion in Saya Park by Álvaro Siza + Carlos Castanheira

Projects that create the site for themselves

Project Specs


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Appreciation towards  Carlos Castanheira for providing the following description:


There are projects that are born both out of their site and for it. There are projects that create the site for themselves.

▼建筑概览,project overview ©Fernando Guerra


The Art Pavilion modified the hill site and also adapted itself to it. And we all also, adapted ourselves to the beauty of this project.

▼美术馆在森林中开拓出自己的场地,the project creates its own site in the dense forest ©Fernando Guerra


We enter the Art Pavilion as if entering a sculpture that absorbs us and enables us to feel space, light, shade, time and also, what is before and what is beyond. Having come to the end of the route, we are presented with an external view of infinity. There was a strong will to build this particular idea on that site and all the challenges were overcome. The forest pathway makes its way between high concrete walls, rough in texture, but elegant in form.

▼庭院,courtyard ©Fernando Guerra

▼屋顶平台鸟瞰,roof terrace ©Fernando Guerra


Inside the space, we look for our own internal, personal infinity.
In architecture space is time.
In architecture light is defines form.
In architecture the route surprises.
In architecture rough materials convey elegance.
In architecture the function is being there.
In architecture the shadow reveals the beauty.

▼高耸的混凝土墙壁质地粗糙却形式优雅,the high concrete walls are rough in texture, but elegant in form ©Fernando Guerra

▼天窗采光带来宁静的氛围,the skylight brings a serene atmosphere ©Fernando Guerra

▼室内细部,interior detailed view ©Fernando Guerra

▼充满探索感的空间体验,inside the space, we look for our own internal, personal infinity ©Fernando Guerra

▼全景鸟瞰,aerial view ©Fernando Guerra

▼小教堂,the chapel


▼屋顶鸟瞰,rooftop view ©Fernando Guerra

▼场地平面图,site plan

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

▼屋顶平面图,roof plan



▼设计手稿,design sketch

Saya Park Credits
Location: Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea
Date: 2015-2018
Architects : Álvaro Siza + Carlos Castanheira
Portugal Office: CC&CB, Arquitectos
Collaborators: Rita Ferreira, Diana Vasconcelos, Luíza Felizardo, Nuno Rodrigues, Filipa Guedes
Consultants: HDP – Paulo Fidalgo ( Structure)
3D models: Germano Vieira
Art Pavilion area: 1.350m2
Chapel area: 42m2
Observatory area: 200m2
Site area: 308.000m2
Description by Carlos Castanheira
Photo credit: Fernando Guerra

More:Carlos Castanheira。更多关于:Álvaro Siza on gooood

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