Red Arrow, China by 100architects

An open eye-catching space in an historical office building

Project Specs


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Red Arrow是一栋历史建筑公共大厅里的室内翻新项目,这栋建筑的历史可以追溯到1926年。大楼的新主人希望大厅可以成为一个向虹口区居民开放的公共空间。瑞阁壹号是上海一家知名服务式办公室及会议中心供应商。受他们委托,我们将为他们在北外滩新收购的办公楼的大厅做室内设计。我们期望翻新后的大厅能成为一个公共空间,面向虹口区的居民开放,而不仅仅只供办公室客户使用。

The Red Arrow is an interior renovation of the public lobby of a historical building from 1926. Its new owners pictured this lobby as a public space open to the citizens of Hongkou District. Regency One, a successful provider of serviced offices & conference centers in Shanghai, commissioned us the lobby interior design of their newly acquired office building at the North Bund. The vision was to treat the lobby as a public space, not only for the serviced offices clients, but also to the neighbors of Hongkou.

▼大厅概览,overview of the public lobby

▼站在三楼俯瞰公共大厅,view of the lobby from the 3rd floor


To achieve that welcoming character, the lobby was rendered as a welcoming red carpet visible from the street, an eye-catching runway leading to an amphitheater that serves as both, as accessing staircase to the 2nd floor and as amphitheater for events and social meeting point, topping off with a vertical LED screen shaped as an arrow pointing up in allegory to overcoming & improvement, effort & success and professional realization. It is all an arrow that invites you in, inspires you and expels your potential to the top.

▼激励人心的LED箭头,the inspiring LED arrow

▼LED屏幕下的社交活动空间,the space for events and social meeting


The lobby hosts a series of capsules embedded in the wall as fixed furniture, providing different functions to the space, such as meeting table capsule, working table capsule, resting lounge capsule, company briefing capsule, group debating capsule, etc…Besides the fixed furniture, there is also a set of loose furniture as flexible solution to be used according to different needs.

▼功能各异的胶囊空间,capsules with different functions

▼胶囊空间旁自由摆放的座椅,the loose furniture beside the capsule


As mentioned before, the big amphitheater serves as the main public space feature, able to hold events with the support of the arrow LED screen, and act as a gathering point. In order to maximize the functionality of the lobby space, we took advantage of the space generated underneath the amphitheater to create a meeting room available for clients.

▼人们可以在“剧场”小坐,聊天,聚会,people can meet and chat with each other at the amphitheater


As a fun feature, a slide was added to speed up the way to get down from the 2nd floor to the lobby, keeping alive the kid inside each of us in a professional playground.

▼从二楼直达大厅的管道滑梯,the slide from the 2nd floor to the lobby


Public toilets were also part of the scope, in which the monochromatic approach was taken to its limit, creating an entire blue room for men toilet, and an entire pink room for ladies toilet.

▼沉稳静谧的蓝色男洗手间,men toilet in blue

▼俏皮可爱的粉色女洗手间,ladies toilet in pink


Project name: Red Arrow
Designer: 100architects
Design team: Marcial Jesus, Javier Gonzalez
Client: Regency One
Location: Liyang Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, China
Built area: 500 m2
Completion: August 2017
Photographer: Amey Kandalgaonkar

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