Single Family House In Palau-Sator by ARQUITECTURA-G

The modern dwelling beneath a medieval facade

Project Specs


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The house is located in the core of a medieval village in the Empordà area. It is built over the ruins of the original house, keeping the stone walls as they were found. There is a little passageway inside the plot at the ground floor level. It connects the major street with the medieval town wall, which is right behind the house. Although this passageway is an open-air space, it is also a covered area where the main door is and where firewood can be stored.

▼屋子前一条狭长的小径, a little passageway inside the plot at the ground floor level


▼住宅入口处, the entrance

▼通往二楼的螺旋式楼梯, spiral staircase to the second floor

▼楼梯右侧为活动室,activity room is on the right side of stair

▼卫生间和卧室位于楼梯左侧,the bathroom and bedroom are on the left side of the stairs

▼卧室,the bedroom

The interior ground floor area contains the bedrooms and toilet, and it is connected to the main floor trough a central spiral staircase whose mast is a column that supports the roof structure. The ceiling height is kept low in the ground floor, in order to generate a short staircase and a big interior volume in the main floor, with three big windows with a view to the Montgrí mountain, the medieval wall and the sky.

▼楼梯细部,details of the spiral staircase

▼作为屋顶支柱的楼梯桅杆一直延伸到天窗,the stair mast, which serves as the column of the roof, extends to the skylight

▼厨房在二楼一角,a corner of the second floor serves as the kitchen

▼从厨房向起居室方位看去,view to the living room from the kitchen

▼起居室,the living room



Location, Region/Country: Palau-Sator, Baix Empordà, Girona
Designed: 2009
Completed: 2018
Structure consultant: Toni Casas Technical architect: Xavier Delgado Photographer: ©José Hevia


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