Armada by Collective Parenthese

A new landmark on the city’s waterfront

Project Specs


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该项目是Collective Parenthese工作室为鲁昂舰队打造的平台式快闪公园,希望借此聚集那些渴望海洋的梦想家,冒险家和城市居民们。当世界上最美丽的船只纹丝不动出现在眼前,路人将可以在没有风浪侵扰的条件下驻足观赏,沐浴片刻宁静。

For the Armada of Rouen, the Collective Parenthese will hoist the sails of an event that will bring together the dreamers, adventurers and city dwellers of the everyday around the imaginary ocean. Faced with the majestic immobility of the most beautiful boats in the world, passers by will be able to take the time to stop and admire these sails that no wind will come to disturb, like frozen draperies bathed in an intimate tranquility.

▼项目概览,project overview


The proposed scenography will be organized in a harmonious dialogue between the geography of the site and the maritime architecture. At the horizontality of the sheds, the quays, the water and the bank; meet a succession of vertical lines drawn by a wooden structure of masts and sails that accumulate on the site.

▼数组木桅杆立于项目现场,wooden structure of masts and sails that accumulate on the site


In a stopped movement, these colored triangles prolong the imaginary of the sailboats stopping at the port and diffuse a powerful visual appeal towards the other side of the bank. The shape of the sails is inspired by triangular sails Latin, Arab and Bermudian. Their graphics echo the joyous and colorful aesthetic of maritime flags and signals. Finally, the signage is hoisted at the top of each mast as a flag indicating the different areas of animation.

▼现场布满各种形状和图案的旗帜,the site was dotted with flags of all shapes and patterns


These sails are interconnected by a mesh of cleats providing shading necessary in this summer period. Colorful furniture develops at the foot of each mast. Their changing shape brings different uses: from the deck chair to the upright to the bench, table, step or stage; the public will be able to appropriate each space.

▼游客们结伴来到活动现场游玩、乘凉,tourists came to the activity site together to play and enjoy the cool

▼3D项目图,3D diagram

▼项目区域概览图,overview map

▼船帆原型对照图,comparison drawing of sail prototype

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