Aptus Factory Showroom by Hooba Design

Develop a win-win pattern between industrial buildings and greenery

Project Specs


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The project brief consisted of an indoor-outdoor showroom, as well as administrative department of Aptus Concrete Block Manufacturing Factory in the suburbs of Karaj.

▼项目顶视图,top view of the project ©M.Hassan Ettefagh

▼沿街外观,street view ©M.Hassan Ettefagh


The design process was initiated by considering the everlasting battle between different construction typologies in the suburbs; mainly industrial, agricultural, and inferior residential fabrics. The winner of such combat is usually the low-grade residential development and the losers are landscapes and agricultural fields which are demolished to be replaced by dense and low quality buildings. The design criteria was to create a win-win pattern between greenery and the built environment. Another issue regarding outskirt developments is to provide cost efficient construction solutions which are also aligned with the latest standards.

▼郊区建造类型分析和设计理念,suburb construction typologies analysis and design idea


▼设计分析图,design analysis

Considering the urge for cost efficiency, it was decided to eliminate finishing layers on the entire interior and exterior of the building and to use company’s concrete blocks as the single material forming the entirety of the building envelope. Based on the initial design criteria, the created building volume forms the exterior and the interior landscape at the same time. Instead of creating a huge “box” surrounded by greenery, it was decided to break the volume into smaller boxes which are independent and characterized based on their function. The created voids between the boxes form greenspaces penetrating into the building.

▼打散的体块之间形成道路和庭院,break the volume to create paths and courtyards ©Parham Taghioff


A layered relationship between interior and exterior was formed through transparencies between the boxes. Limiting building materials to a single block enhances the perception of the exterior atmosphere and creates a varying quality of natural light during the day.

▼展厅内部,可以看到不同的绿色庭院,interior of the showroom with view to different courtyards ©Parham Taghioff

▼透明立面带来丰富的层次,layered relationship formed through transparencies between the boxes ©M.Hassan Ettefagh


There are a number of other concrete block manufacturers in the neighborhood of Aptus factory. This project could define a simple pattern for this urban fabric which is not only cost efficient, but also enhances the relationship between the built environment and the greenspace.

▼夜景,night view ©up/lower right: M.Hassan Ettefagh, lower left: Parham Taghioff

▼分解轴测图,exploded exnometric

▼剖轴测图,axonometric section

Architect: Hooman Balazadeh
Project Manager: Saeed Farshbaf
Construction Manager: Rasool Azhdari
Presentation: Ehsan Lessani
3D Render: Saeed Farshbaf
Client: Aptus Iran Industrial Complex
Design Date: 2019
Completion Date: 2020
Site Area: 1,150 m²
Building Area: 320 m²
Location: Karaj, Alborz Province, Iran
Status: Built
Photo Credit: Parham Taghioff – Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh

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