Apartments Mindaugas Str. 14 by Interjero Architektūra

A modern classical living space created by smart arrangement and vintage elements.

Project Specs


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The project is to design the interior for a small apartment of a middle-aged couple. It corresponds to the architectural style of the building, coming to the result of a modern classical with vintage elements. The designer deliberately arranged the different programs in this 49 sqm apartment, combining the doors and the TV-wall together, making a spacious and comfortable effect. Elegant wooden tones dominate the interior, decorated with various patterns and textures, generating a warm and vibrant ambience.

▼ 公寓入口,入口边为厨房,布局简洁紧凑,镜面材料使空间显得更宽敞,kitchen at the entrance of the apartment, mirrored surface make the compact room visually more spacious

2-kitchen and dining3_apartment vilnius_inarch

1-entrance_apartment vilnius_inarch     2-kitchen and dining2_apartment vilnius_inarch

▼ 客厅,木地板采用人字形铺装,地毯、天花、沙发、桌面等处使用不同的图案和肌理,配合黄铜灯具,创造出经典而时尚的空间氛围,living room with wooden flooring in herringbone. Carpet, ceiling, sofa and table in different patterns and textures together with brass lighting creating a classic while modern ambience

3-living room_apartment vilnius_inarch

3-living room2_apartment vilnius_inarch     4-sofa_apartment vilnius_inarch

3-living room3_apartment vilnius_inarch

▼卧室和卫生间的门与电视墙融合在一起,增加空间的整体感和连续性,the doors of bedroom and washroom are corresponded with the TV-wall, enhancing the integrality and continuity of the space

5-deco wall_apartment vilnius_inarch

5-deco wall2_apartment vilnius_inarch

5-deco wall3_apartment vilnius_inarch

5-washroom_apartment vilnius_inarch

▼ 卧室地面同样铺设人字形木地板,整体配色优雅宁静,复古元素创造温馨舒适的空间,the bedroom also use herringbone wooden flooring with a quiet and elegant color palette, the vintage elements make the space warm and comfortable

6-bedroom_apartment vilnius_inarch

6-bedroom2_apartment vilnius_inarch

6-bedroom3_apartment vilnius_inarch

▼ 浴室中铺设不同黑白图案的瓷砖,使狭小的空间充满趣味,黄铜制品让空间色彩更为丰富,且增添了一丝年代感,the washroom is paved by black and white tiles with various patterns, making the small space more interesting. Brass objects add color to the space as well as bringing in some historic feeling.

7-washroom3_apartment vilnius_inarch

7-washroom4_apartment vilnius_inarch

▼ 细部,每一处纹理,每一件物品都经过精心设计,散发出经典而又现代的气息,details, every pattern and object is deliberately designed, fostering a sense of classic modern

8-detail1_apartment vilnius_inarch     8-detail3_apartment vilnius_inarch

8-detail2_apartment vilnius_inarch    8-detail4_apartment vilnius_inarch

▼ 平面图,plan

9-plan old town_apartment vilnius_inarch

Photos by Leon Garbačauskas
Location: Mindaugas 14,Vilnius
Year: 2016
Area: 49m²

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