Apartment with free plan and fluent space, China by DNA Architects

Open space created by contrasting colors of red and black

Project Specs


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Hard and Soft


The project is located in Hangzhou. Under the premise of comfort and practicality, it will give full play to the advantages of space and express a modern and young home style. Not excessively pursuing decoration and complexity, insist on integrating ideas into design.

▼空间概览,overall view of the space ©川河映像 陈培国


For simplicity, the designer understands the restraint in material selection, the use of pure color, and different functional details to support the balance of space. The choice of material is also a combination of rigidity and softness in the harmony of cold and warm.

▼分解轴测图,空间中的置入物,exploded axonometric, objects inserted into the space ©DNA 邸内设计


light and warm


After repeated consideration and polishing, the designer has adjusted and reshaped the space structure, which has increased the permeability and utilization of the space. On the premise of ensuring practicability, it injects a stylish and simple temperament into the space.

▼玄关,door way ©川河映像 陈培国

▼客厅,living room ©川河映像 陈培国

▼简约气质的空间,space with stylish and simple temperament ©川河映像 陈培国


Irregular geometric lines are combined with each other, the undecorated facade shape, and the contrasting colors of red and black form a free and open geometric plane, which lays the style foundation for the space and injects passion and temperature into it. Light and simple lines, the combination of wood and light, for dining room that have a family atmosphere added a ritual feeling to quality life.

▼餐厅,黑与红碰撞,dining space with contrasting colors of red and black ©川河映像 陈培国

view to the living from from the dining space ©川河映像 陈培国

closer view to the dining space ©川河映像 陈培国


The design concept of color and geometry is strong enough, so the designer subtracted the door cover to break the routine. Create interesting interactive visions. When sunlight scattered into the corner of the den, a few favorite book in the edge of a chair, comfortable and cozy.

▼书房,study ©川河映像 陈培国

▼阳光洒入书房一角,sunlight shining into the space ©川河映像 陈培国


simple and Restrained


The bedroom continues the simple temperament without excessive decoration, presenting an elegant and restrained space.  Every detail expresses the designer’s requirements for aesthetic texture.

▼主卧,master’s bedroom ©川河映像 陈培国


Low saturation gray and off-white, the use of nature and light and shadow create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The color contrast of red and black is passed in dresser, the administrative levels that increases a space feels.

dresser in black and red contrasts with the space in gray tone ©川河映像 陈培国


▼平面图,plan ©DNA 邸内设计

设计方:DNA 邸内设计
摄影版权:川河映像 陈培国

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