Apartment in Budapest By Margeza

An apartment with spectacular views.

Project Specs


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步入花甲之年,你会做些什么?这两位设计师夫妇加起来已超过125岁,但他们并不认为自己年事已高,就像过去的每一天一样,依然充满激情与活力。他们决定重新装修位于布达佩斯老城区的一间公寓。这栋初建于1928年的住宅,几十年间,随着阁楼及花园的加入,逐渐分割成四间独立的公寓。它拥有拥有极好的地理位置 ,窗外是恢弘气派的国会大厦,而蓝色多瑙河则在不远处缓缓流淌 。

Together we are 125 years old, well not really old, more like we have been young longer. We have five adult children and five grandchildren. The building lies in the historical centre of Budapest, near the Castle of Buda. It was built in 1928, for a family. Later on it was divided into 4 apartments, then with the furbishing of the attic two more were added. There is a small garden attached to the building. The most beautiful view of the city is available here. It was a primary consideration to show this off. One of the iconic buildings of Budapest, the Parliament and the river that splits the city is in full view. 

▼明亮的客厅,the bright living room


In the living room there are two items that define it: the living green wall, which brings nature into the apartment, and the glass wall, which shows the city. All the walls in the flat are white, there is a lot of light. Little spots of colour make the are energetic, lively. 

▼客厅向室外享有绝佳景色,from the living room enjoys the beautiful view

▼客厅的绿植将自然的清新带入室内,the living green wall brings nature into the apartment


The Italian designs make the room some feeling of modernism and the design of stairs, counter, and other furniture by the designers their own show the wisdom of life. There are many hidden storage spaces behind sliding doors, and in the wardrobe at the end of the room. We tried to use the least amount of walls to separate the area.

▼楼梯下方预留存储空间,the storage room under the stairs

▼餐桌,the dining table

▼定制厨房家具,kitchen is designed by designers themselves


▼卧室享有自然采光,bedroom with natural light

▼沐浴也可享受窗外景色,bathing with the scenery outside


The white wool carpet decorates the living room. It is a unique item designed by the wife specifically for this apartment. It shows a map of Budapest, with the different districts rendered with different wool-lengths. In the middle, the river crossing the city, the Danube is in blue. On it is a little red dot: marking the location of the flat itself. 

▼以布达佩斯城市图案为原型手工缝制的羊毛地毯,the customized wool carpet

▼下层平面图,the lower floor plan

▼上层平面图,the upper floor plan

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