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Apartment without wall

Project Specs


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This project of a total transformation of an apartment could be like a change of life.

▼公寓概览,overview © Giaime Meloni


It is a reflection undertaken with the client on the ergonomy of the rest areas, the “everyday rooms”, the generosity of the luminous shared space, the creation of a landscape, an “open valley” above the kitchen, and the creation of storage spaces integrated into this thickness. Here, no walls, just surfaces that can be walked on.

▼公寓轴测图,axonometric drawing © Jean Benoît Vétillard Architecture

▼宽敞的共享空间,spacious shared space © Giaime Meloni

storage space integrated into this thickness © Giaime Meloni

▼厨房,kitchen © Giaime Meloni

▼厨房一角,a corner of the kitchen © Giaime Meloni

▼空间中洒满阳光,room filled with sunlight © Giaime Meloni

“walls” in the room are steps that can be walked on © Giaime Meloni

▼通往二层的卧室,bedroom on second floor  © Giaime Meloni

▼一层的卧室,bedroom on first floor  © Giaime Meloni

▼平面,plan © Jean Benoît Vétillard Architecture

▼剖面,section © Jean Benoît Vétillard Architecture

Private customer (Montrouge)
Complete transformation of an apartment (60m²).
Delivered – 2020
Jean Benoît Vétillard Architecture
Design team: Eugenio Nuzzo, Bianca Lassandro
Builders: Fr/Fr, Ateliers Poyaudins, Eurobat
Photos: Giaime Meloni

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更多关于他们:Jean Benoît Vétillard Architecture on gooood

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